May 2003

Welcome to Patricia and Chris Kells who have moved in to Greenwood View on School Lane and to Mr & Mrs Holdcroft who have moved in to Sunnycroft on Back Lane.

Halam Open Gardens - 22nd June Yes it's Open Gardens' time again! Please consider opening your garden between 1pm and 6pm on June 22nd to raise money for village activities. In addition we always need helpers for the village hall teas, bric-a-brac stall, parking etc. If you can help in any way, please call Peter Thompson on 814026 or Glenys Herbert on 812335.

Village Hall Cleaner - Would anyone who knows of a reliable cleaner or contract cleaning firm who would be prepared to clean the Village Hall for 1-2 hours a week please let a Parish Councillor or the Clerk know. Please phone 813181.

Parish Plan Meeting - A well attended open meeting of around 50 people was held on Thursday, 3rd April to discuss the Parish Plan.

Maurice Hinde, the Chairman of the Parish Plan committee, clarified a few points initially, such as the fact that the committee was fully endorsed by the Parish Council and that grant funding had been obtained through the Parish Council.

Susan Hackett from the Rural Community Council outlined what was involved and how the existence of a plan would increasingly be required to obtain grant funding for village initiatives. The results of the recent brief survey of good points of living in Halam and areas of concern were presented and an opportunity was given to add further issues to the list. These will be more fully explored in an independent questionnaire which is being drawn up by the RCC for use in the village to help shape the plan.

More volunteers were welcomed to either sit on the committee, contribute to specific aspects of the plan, provide help for open days on specific issues or help in many other ways. Please contact Maurice on 812874 if you can help.

Annual Parish Meeting, 7.00pm, Thursday, 10th April - The meeting was well attended with around 35 villagers present. There was some discussion regarding recycling as a matter arising from the last meeting. Information on paper recycling was publicised in the last newsletter.

Mrs Herbert gave the Chairman's Report. She outlined some of the new obligations on councillors in the past year including the new Code of Conduct, Financial Auditing procedures and Freedom of Information legislation, all of which the Council has adhered to. Planning applications are on the increase, perhaps in advance of changes which may occur as a result of the Parish Plan. The District Council has not always informed neighbours of planning applications so the Parish Council is endeavouring to do more to assist in this. The Chairman thanked Richard Brown and Harry Rickett who are standing down from the Council this year and have between them 70 years of service in a role which is unpaid, often unthanked and unacknowledged. Richard was one of the first councillors, has held the role of Chairman and Vice Chairman in the past and has given good service as Road Safety Officer. Richard was awarded a long service award by NALC at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party last summer. Harry's father was one of the first councillors and Harry followed in his footsteps.

Noteworthy events in the year were the publication of "A Living History of Halam Village 1900-2000" by Dr Jackson (copies still available for 5), the Jubilee celebrations and Harvest Supper. The Chairman closed her report by thanking everyone for their contribution.

Issues raised were the possibility of a plaque for the Jubilee Tree, problems with parking for the Pub, the one way system in Southwell, the need for Dog Bins, the fact that footpaths weren't being swept and the ongoing issue with the lack of a footpath up Halam Hill. The meeting closed at 7.30pm. Where appropriate, these will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting.

Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm, Thursday, 10th April

Present: Mrs Herbert, Mr Brown, Mr Rickett, Mrs Armstrong, Mrs Davis, Mrs Gathercole Apologies: Mr Bust.


1. Manor Farm, Radley Road - Certificate of Lawfulness for alteration to outbuilding: Notification had been received from the District Council that this had not been granted as the proposed alteration was within the curtilage of a listed building. Reasons for this conclusion were given.

2. Manor Farm, Radley Road - proposed alteration to outbuilding, part demolition and construction of new enclosure:
This was deferred to the next meeting as the full plan had not been received from the District Council. Three letters of objection were read out.

3. Ford House, The Turnpike - proposed 1st floor extension to new dwelling being built behind Ford House:
Accepted 5 for, 1 against

4. Halam Lodge, The Turnpike - proposed 1st floor extension and conversion of garage:
Two letters of objection were read out. Rejected unanimously on the grounds of infringement of privacy, loss of amenity and scale of the extension.

5. Manor House, Radley Road - listed building consent for proposed internal alterations:
Accepted 5 for, 1 abstention

6. Barn Cottage, Radley Road - listed building and planning consent for proposed conversion of outbuilding into granny annexe:
One letter of objection was read out. Rejected using Chairman's casting vote 3 for, 3 against on the grounds that the design wasn't appropriate

Parish Plan :

Agreed to give 1,000 from the grant which had been received on account to the Parish Plan Committee on condition that any monies spent were fully accounted for in line with Parish Council standards.

Finance :

A number of bills were approved for payment including the electrical check for the Village Hall, the Clerk's salary,the Audit fee and the cost of a new flag for the Village Hall flagpole.

Agenda Items for Next Meeting :

Flag Officer, plaque for tree, dog bins, parking.

Next Meeting :

Thursday 15th May at 7.30pm, Annual Parish Council Meeting


St. Michael the Archangel

Services this month -

Sunday 4th May : Easter 3 9.30am Family Service
11am Sung Eucharist
Sunday 11th May : Easter 4 8am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion
Sunday 18th May : Easter 5
11am Sung Eucharist
Sunday 25th May : Easter 6 8am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion
Thursday 29th May : Ascension Day 7.30pm Holy Communion

If you have any items or information you would like publishing in the next newsletter, please get the details to Edward Gathercole (813760) by the 26th.

Thank you to Paul Berry of Ashbrook, The Paddocks, Long Bennington, and Sharon Foster of Feet First Chiropody Services for advertising in this month's Newsletter

Note: Paul Berry of Roy's Vac Sweep is now providing a stove fitting service.

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