May 2007

From the Editor

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St Michael the Archangel: May Services

Sunday 6th May: Easter 5

8.00am Holy Communion - Canon Robin Turner
9.30am Family Communion - Bp R Milner

Sunday 13th May: Rogation Sunday

11.00am Sung Eucharist - Rev Russell Perry

Thursday 17th May: Ascension Day

7.00pm Ascension Service at Edingley St Giles

Sunday 20th May: Easter 7

9.30am Family Communion: Canon Peter Hill

Sunday 27th May: Pentecost

11.00am Sung Eucharist: Canon Robin Turner

For information contact Church wardens: Bev Perks (812181) David Herbert (812335)
Preist-in-charge: Rt. Rev. David Leening (812593)


For a number of years now there have been informal discussions about starting a project to restore or replace the rather dilapidated organ in our church. It is an expensive project but an important one and would be a legacy to future generations in the village and the school – if we go for the best option it would cost about £20,000! That’s major fund-raising and donations! Grants may be available to match-fund – it certainly deserves further investigation. At present this is at the discussion stage.

If anyone would like to be involved in this long-term project and has ideas how to raise funds please get in touch.

Contact Karin Davis (815854)


  • Southwell Festival: The festival runs from 8 – 26 June with something for all sections of the community to enjoy. There will be Music and Literary events of all kinds; Continental Markets; Art Exhibitions; Open Days include our own Halam Open Gardens which is part of the festival programme this year; Theatre and Sports events. Look out for information or access the Festival website – for details.
  • Barn Dance & Pig Roast : Saturday 12 May Church Street site, Minster School; Tickets £12 (adult) £8 (child) from Marina Thompson Tel: 814026 or email:
  • Halam Open Gardens : Sunday 17 June 2007.


Tel: 01623 882664


Sunday 10 June 10am - 2pm


Trailer rides/Farm Walks/Planting demos/Conservation work/Refreshments

LEAF Event (L inking Environment And Farming)

New Footpath & Bridle Path

John and Margaret Hill have recently opened a permissive footpath and bridle path across their land as part of their DEFRA funded environmental scheme. The path links Holme Lane with Newhall Lane, Edingley, avoiding the main road between Edingley and Halam.

Halam & District Women’s Institute  

The Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday 1 st May at 7.30pm in Halam village hall. The 51 st WI birthday party will take place on 8 th May.

For information contact Glenys Herbert Tel: 01636 812335

Recycle Your Printer Cartridges!

Don’t just throw away your used printer cartridges – recycle these via Marina Thompson. It helps raise funds for the school as well as reducing waste.

Halam School Spring Term Report

We all came back from the Easter holidays on a high; the Easter service went very well. Unfortunately D.A.R.E. ended for Upper Primary but with a super graduation.

Well done to all the showcase performers – the show was brilliant. Upper Primary is starting hockey lessons on May 4 th, then we all start our SATs, plus we will all get very healthy due to the skipping workshop which starts on the 25 th and we also start half term on the 25 th.

Evie Hoggard (Junior Reporter)

Annual Parish Meeting: Thursday 12 April 2007

Present: S. Bust, N. Armstrong, G. Herbert, A. Paris & I. Sharman;

Apologies: A. Fraser; D. Parrish

Chairman’s Report :

The Chairman reviewed highlights for the village over the past year, including: general support from the D.C. with regards planning applications; erection of interactive speed sign; continued progress with items in the Parish Plan; setting up the Parish Working Group.

The Chairman thanked Elaine Gathercole and members of the Parish Paths Partnership for their work in the village; Andrew Paris for the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme; Tony Denyer: village hall cleaning; Alex Reid: bus shelter cleaning, and those involved in the Harvest Supper.

Disappointment was expressed that the new village hall scheme had not been accepted, but plans for the extension and renovation of the existing hall were going ahead.

The Chairman also thanked the Clerk and P.C. members for input over the past year.

The Council thanked Simon Bust for his Chairmanship during the previous twelve months.

Parish Council Meeting: Thursday 12th April 2007

Present: S. Bust, N. Armstrong, G. Herbert, A. Paris & I. Sharman;

Apologies: A. Fraser; D. Parrish

Village Hall :
Plans have been submitted to District Council

Parish Plan :
A draft contact list was circulated. Further work to be done by Andrew Paris and Di Parish

Parish Paths Partnership :
Agreed to authorise Elaine Gathercole to apply for the grant for the next 12 months

Design Statement :
N. Croston is preparing a questionnaire for village circulation; next meeting date to be confirmed

Community Speed Watch :
A comparison of before and after the erection of the interactive speed sign will be carried out. It is proving difficult to identify a suitable site (that the police approve at the Edingley end of the village.

Notice Board :
Now on order

Signage on Halam Hill :
Notts C.C. have looked at this and may move the Halam village sign further up the hill (in front of the 30mph sign) The Neighbourhood Watch sign will be moved to the sign post from the street lamp.

Clean Neighbourhood & Environment Act 2005 – Dog Control Orders :
It was agreed to ask the District Council to (1) make the school playing field out-of-bounds for all dogs, and (2) make the churchyard an area where dogs must be on leads. Andrew Paris to action.

Risk Assessment :
Clerk is actioning various points raised.

Correspondence :
A letter was read out re the poor state of Radley Road at the pumping station. The P.C. took on board points raised, but agreed that any improvement to the road may increase traffic and vehicle speeds.

Finance :
Agreed to pay a Parish Paths Partnership bill. P.C. insurance: to be discussed at the next meeting

The Chairman, Simon Bust, thanked councillors for their input and work in the past 4 years, especially Nora Armstrong and Ian Sharman, thanking them for their efforts in particular: they are not standing for re-election.

Date of Next Meeting :- Thursday May 10 th at 7.30pm– Annual Parish Council Meeting

New Beat Officer, PC Keith Thompson will attend the meeting to introduce himself and answer questions.

Church Study Group

There will be monthly meetings of the churches study group this year, jointly for Halam and Edingley. Rev'd Russell Perry has kindly agreed to lead them. The themes for discussion will be based on the book "Finding Sanctuary" by Abbot Christopher Jamison who featured in the BBC TV series "The Monastery" in which several laymen went on retreat and most underwent life-changing experiences.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 10th May at 7.30pm at The Scypen, Radley Road, Halam (corner of Back Lane). All are welcome

Tony Andrews



Offers accepted
Chris & Patricia Kells
Tel: 814047


The Churchyard Chestnut Tree: David Herbert

The conker tree was planted about 1950 by members of Notts Cycling club in memory of former founder member Mr Povey. The club stopped regularly here on outings and after the tree was planted would come to St Michael’s in October for a memorial service. They gave a Christmas party for Halam children, and this continued until 1960.

Over the years the tree has given great pleasure to Halam residents and enhanced the overall appearance of that part of the village. Generations of children have joyfully collected conkers. Sadly those days may soon be ended: the tree is infected with the fungus phytophora or "red canker".  In the last 3 years serious winter droughts, to which the horse chestnut is susceptible, have affected it. It has also been plagued by the leaf miner moth and now shows signs of being heavily infected. Phytophora causes a bleeding canker and can be observed as dark red or orange gum-like ooze which runs down the bark and dries - in these areas the bark cracks and wood rot fungi invade, branches break off and the tree finally dies.

‘ Red canker’ appeared in Nottinghamshire about 3 years ago, spread by imported timber from America. Presently there is no known remedy.  Nothing needs to be done to the tree presently but in the autumn, if there are signs of canopy failure, associated branches must be removed.  The tree may live as long as 5 years. Hopefully treatment may become available in that time. In the meantime dead areas have become a treat for the greater spotted woodpecker regularly tapping out his amorous messages


Once again there has been some very unpleasant dog-fouling in the area of the churchyard. It is against the law to foul footpaths and public areas, with large fines payable. Those responsible will be reported if it continues! Be warned! – From the Ed (on behalf of several complainants)

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