May 2004

After twelve years as editor I feel it is time to hand it over to someone else. Karin Davis has kindly agreed to do it as from June. Any contributions for June's issue should go to her at "Dovedale", Radley Road (01636 815854). I will still be organising the distribution so the delivery will remain the same. Thanks to Roy Allen Print for being so efficient in printing and returning the copies on time each month and to everyone who has contributed, delivered, advertised and sponsored the Newsletter over the last twelve years.
Ed Gathercole


A near accident recently occurred at the entrance to St Michael's Close. Please do not park opposite this entrance as it forces cars onto the wrong side of the road.
Harold Barnard

French Lessons:

Learning a language should be rewarding and enjoyable, so I've decided to make learning French fun. Based on everyday situations such as travelling, booking in to a hotel, ordering a meal, going to the doctors, buying petrol etc., I place the emphasis on speaking and understanding rather than writing. Courses can be tailored to your requirements - around a table with a bottle of wine and a group of friends or as a family - so you don't need to feel as if you've committed youself for the next three months. If you think that you may be interested, get out your berets and contact me for more details.
Jenny Moffat (0115-9312566)

Annual Parish Meeting, 7.00pm, Thursday, 1st April 2004

Present: G. Herbert, S. Bust, N. Armstrong, A. Fraser, A. Paris, I. Sharman.

The Chairman reviewed the previous year. She highlighted the change in Parish Councillors, the challenges of planning issues facing the parish and the progress of the Parish Plan process. She also talked about the offer including the site for a new Village Hall and the forthcoming Parish Council election for a replacement for Karin Davis.

District Councillor Bruce Laughton told the meeting about changes to the policing of parking in the District and reported on the progress of the new library in Southwell. He also reported that traffic calming measures on Halam Hill were now a priority at County Council level. He was asked if verge trimming in the Parish could be kept to a minimum to preserve wild flowers etc. He replied that verges were trimmed significantly every three years and only partially mown the other two.

Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm, Thursday, 1st April 2004

Present: G. Herbert, S. Bust, N. Armstrong, A. Fraser, A. Paris, I. Sharman.

Appointment of New Councillor: An election for a new Parish Councillor is to be held on Thursday 29th of April as 10 or more parishioners had written to the District Council requesting an election.

Lottery Funding & Village Hall: Mr. Fraser said he was waiting for firmer plans before pursuing this further.

Parish Plan: The wording for the front page was agreed. The questions regarding the new Village Hall proposal would be added and the supplementary questionnaire sent out.

Open Gardens: It was reported that due to a shortage of volunteer gardens, this event would not be taking place this year. A big thank you to all who have been involved over the past ten years. From the gardeners to stall organisers, and carpark attendants to tea makers, your help in making the past events so successful and raising funds for the village has been greatly appreciated. It was hoped that some village event could be organised in 2005 with input from the Village Events committee.

Allotments: Mrs. Armstrong reported that the District Council will be removing the rubbish shortly. Mr. Bust is to liaise with Ed Gathercole to source new quicksets for the hedge and have them planted at the appropriate time. A maximum budget of 150 was agreed.

Hatched Lines Outside Pub: It seems they are 'for information only' and have no legal enforceability.

Overhanging Hedges: A hazardous incident involving overhanging hedges was reported to the meeting. Mr. Paris agreed to have any offending hedges cut back as a matter of urgency.


It was reported that an application for an extension of Old Forge, Gray Lane, had been approved by the District Council.

1. Proposed dwelling, land adjacent to Thornholme, Gray Lane: Passed 4 for, 1 against, with one abstention. A parishioner expressed his objections on the grounds of the negative impact on his amenities, the size of the proposed house and removal of mature hedges. The previous owner of the site informed the meeting that conditions of size and location of any new dwelling had been put on the land when it was sold.

2. Construction of stable block Forge Cottage, Gray Lane: Passed unanimously.

3. Proposed 2 storey extension to the rear, single storey porch to front and new windows, Holbeck Cottage, St. Michael's Close: Rejected unanimously on the grounds of loss of amenities of the neighbouring old peoples' bungalows.

Items for the next Agenda

1. A possible breach of planning regulations behind Forge Cottage is to be investigated.

2. Neighbourhood Watch - in light of the recent car break-ins in the village, the scheme will be 'revitalised' as soon as possible.

3. Parish Plan Volunteer sheets - 39 completed sheets have been passed to the Chairman offering to volunteer for a variety of tasks.Thank you all for your responses and offers of help. The Chairman will be liaising with these volunteers shortly. Anyone else who would like to help in the parish can contact Mrs. Herbert directly.

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 13th May at 7.30pm.
This is the Annual Parish Council meeting at which the Council's officers are elected.

St Michael the Archangel:

Sunday 2nd May: Easter 4 8am Holy Communion
9.30am Holy Communion
Sunday 9th May : Easter 5

11am Sung Eucharist

Sunday 16th May : Easter 6
9.30 Family Communion
Thursday 20th May : Ascension Day 7.00pm Holy Communion
Sunday 23rd May: 1st after Ascension 11.00am Sung Eucharist
Sunday 30th May : Pentecost

9.30am Joint service with Edingley at St Michael's

Sunday 6th June: Trinity Sunday 8am Holy Communion
9.30 Family Communion

Family Communion If you have any enquiries regarding services or church matters please contact the churchwardens, Bev Perks (812181) or David Herbert (812335).

Information to Karin Davis (01636 815854) by the 26th for next month's Newsletter.

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