June 2003

Halam Open Gardens
22nd June It's not too late to open your garden or volunteer to help with this annual village event. At the time of writing we have fewer gardens than normal opening, so if you feel you would be able to support this event by opening your garden on the day, then please let us know. Car parking and Village Hall helpers also required! Glenys Herbert 812335 or Peter Thompson 814026.

Village Ventures
Recently we had two very successful events, " Puppets In The Wild " - proceeds to Halam School PTA, and "The Ruskin Ensemble" which supported the church and improvements for the Village Hall. Thank you to all who supported these, and especial thanks to Janet, Suzi, Marina, Bev, Mandy and Pat. Watch this space for the next live event! Karin Lindley.

Maundy Thursday Cluster Supper
Many thanks to all those who contributed to the organisation and cooking and attended. This was a highly successful evening. Beverley Perks

Two scams are operating in the area. One is where women in particular are phoned and asked to confirm their postcode by the "Post Office". They are told that they are eligible for gift vouchers and are asked to give their address. 90% of the women who have provided this information have been burgled, as it is assumed the their homes are empty during working hours. The Post Office are not conducting any surveys. The other is when an "AT&T service technician" phones asking to test your phone line. They ask you to dial 90 then the hash key. This gives them full access to your line and allows them to place long distance, international and chat line calls which will be billed to your account. Police believe that many of these calls come from local prisons. Do not press 90 for anyone.

Council Elections
District: N Armstrong (Con) 1050, B Laughton (Con) 978, J Moore (Lib Dem) 427, C Bower (Lab) 366. N Armstrong and B Laughton elected.
Parish: I Sharman 118, S Bust 112, G Herbert 110, K Lindley 105, N Armstrong 102, A Paris 89, A Fraser 87, E Gathercole 86. First seven elected.

Annual Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm, Thursday, 15th May

Present: G Herbert, S Bust, N Armstrong, K Lindley, I Sharman, A Paris, A Fraser.

Election of Officers: Chairman: G Herbert, Vice Chair: Simon Bust
Xmas Charirties: S Bust & A Paris
Press Officer: A Paris
Transport: G Herbert
NALC reps: K Lindley & A Fraser
Snow Warden: S Bust
Parish Liaison Committee: G Herbert

Road Safety: County Council to be asked for views on extending yellow zig zag lines. It has been requested that overhanging hedges in School Lane be cut back in Autumn - to be monitored then.

Dog Mess and Stray Dogs: The problem of dog mess was highlighted as being caused by dogs left to roam loose. This is also a road safety hazard. Agreed that at least one dog mess bin in the Parish would be an improvement. Clerk to find out more about designs available for a bin on Gray Lane.

Village Hall Cleaner: The Hall is being left in a poor state after some bookings. Mrs Herbert to speak to a possible new cleaning firm.

Best Kept Village: Agreed to enter this year.

1. Manor Farm, Radley Road - proposed alteration to outbuilding to include part demolition and subsequent construction of new enclosure: Rejected 4 against, 2 abstentions on grounds of loss of amenities of neighbouring properties and road safety. Mrs Armstrong will also investigate the access situation regarding the unadopted road.

2. Chartwell, Edingley (also known as Goldhill, Kirklington Road) - proposed conversion of offices, stables and stores to 6 dwellings: Accepted unanimously

3. Gables Cottage, The Turnpike - proposed extension to form kitchen at the rear ground floor and first floor extension to form en-suite bathroom at front: Accepted 5 for, 1 abstention

4. Mardale Cottage, Back Lane - proposed garage with annexe accommodation over: Accepted 4 for, 2 abstentions

5. Blonds, The Turnpike - proposed chain link fence with timber posts around the car park: Accepted unanimously

Finance: Insurance policy due for renewal 1st June. A. Paris to obtain alternative quote. Clerk and Chairman authorised to renew current policy unless deemed appropriate to change insurers.

Other Business: Fly-tipping and illegal dumping is on the increase - see item below.

Next Meeting: Thursday, 12th June at 7.30pm

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hedges and Overhanging Branches
Householders are reminded that they are responsible for their own roadside hedges and trees - please ensure that overgrown hedges or overhanging branches do not obstruct the footpath or road.

Note to all Dog Owners in Halam
Please remember your legal and social responsibilities. Stray dogs may be picked up by the Dog Wardens (65000 ext 5568), in which case you will be charged 48 to have your dog released. Not only is it anti-social and a health risk to allow your dog to foul the streets (or other people's gardens!), it is also an offence for which you can be fined 1,000. Please clean up after your dog!

Fly-tipping and Illegal Rubbish Dumping
This is perceived to be on the increase in Halam, especially on Holme Lane, past the mill. Especially worrying are the reports of syringes being found amongst this rubbish. Please phone the hot line on 0845 3000 630 if you see such rubbish and the council will come and remove it for free if it is on public or council land such as verges. If it is on private land, it is the owner's responsibility to remove it, however, the council will do so for a charge. In the case of syringes, Newark and Sherwood recommend that you do not try to clear these up yourself, but that you use their phone in service on 655600 which operates 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week for syringe collection and disposal. Any suspicion of illegal drug related activities should be reported to the police.

St. Michael the Archangel

Services this month -

Sunday 8th June : Pentecost

8am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion
Sunday 15th June : Trinity Sunday

11am Sung Eucharist
Sunday 22nd June : Trinity 1

8am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion
Sunday 29th June : St. Peter & St. Paul

11am Sung Eucharist
6pm Cluster Service at Hockerton
Sunday 6th July: Trinity 3

9.30am Family Service
11am Sung Eucharist

If you have any items or information you would like publishing in the next newsletter, please get the details to Edward Gathercole (813760) by the 26th.

Thank you to Paul Berry of Ashbrook, The Paddocks, Long Bennington, and Christine and Gordon Green of the Reading Room for advertising in this month's Newsletter

Note: Paul Berry of Roy's Vac Sweep is now providing a stove fitting service.

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