June 2007

From the Editor

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8 – 26 JUNE 2007

Carnival Parade ● Music ● Literary events ● Continental Markets ● Art & Historical Exhibitions ● Open Days ● Theatre ● Sports events

Taking place in The Minster; The Bramley Centre; The Hearty Goodfellow and other venues in Southwell.

Catrin Finch : Royal Harpist to the Prince of Wales will be performing 9 June 7.30 in the Minster

Billy Ivory : Southwell celebrity writer (you may remember the very funny TV series: ‘Common as Muck’) Tuesday 12 June 7.30pm in the Minster Centre

Children’s Concert: Tuesday 19 June 7pm in Southwell Minster and includes Halam school children.

Many events and exhibitions are entirely free! Look out for information available from The Minster Centre, Music in The Yard Southwell (Tel: 01636 814411) or access the Festival website – www.southwellfestival.com for full details.

St Michael the Archangel: June Services

Sunday 3rd June: Trinity Sunday

8.00am Holy Communion - Canon Toy
9.30am Family Communion - Canon Austin

Sunday 10th June: 1st After Trinity

11.00am Sung Eucharist - Canon R Turner

Sunday 17th June: 2nd After Trinity

9.30am Family Communion: Rev Perry

Sunday 24th June: 3rd After Trinity

11.00am Sung Eucharist: Canon Robin Turner

For information contact Church wardens: Bev Perks (812181) David Herbert (812335)

Halam & District Women’s Institute

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 5 June at 7.30pm in Halam village hall. Debbie Kenyon, food demonstrator for Sainsbury’s, will be showing us fabulous ideas for Summer Entertaining. The competition will be a table decoration. We hope many of you will join us for this open meeting: entry will be £2.

For information contact Glenys Herbert Tel: 01636 812335


Tel: 01623 882664


Sunday 10 June 10am - 2pm


Trailer rides/Farm Walks/Planting demos/Conservation work/Refreshments

LEAF Event (Linking Environment And Farming)


My note last month generated quite a lot of interest! Restoration of the organ was discussed at P.C.C. last month and it was agreed to investigate funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and start the ball rolling on our own fund-raising. It is likely that the Heritage Lottery fund will match-fund what we raise, and match with a grant the time given by volunteers. I would hope to involve the school as well as Halam residents and make this an educational and community project. Music in our community is as important as maintaining the fabric of heritage buildings, and is a legacy for future generations. The music for occasions such as weddings, as well as services held by church and by the school would be enhanced, instead of being limited by the current instrument. We now have a thriving small choir – join us on Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm if you would like to sing! It’s official – singing is good for you!

A number of ideas came forward from my article: one was to raise money by asking individuals to sponsor an organ pipe for a set donation, and that pipe would then be engraved with the name of the family donating it, or be inscribed in memory of someone. This was done very successfully in Epperstone a few years ago. I would welcome feedback on this idea. Watch this space for further information!

Contact: Karin Davis (815854)

Halam Open Gardens

(Part of the Southwell Festival)

Sunday 17 June 2007
12.30 - 5.30pm

 Book Stall Plant Stall Bric-a-brac

Teas & Homemade cakes in two locations

Entry: £3 (Children free)

 Donations of homemade cakes will be gratefully received at Ashdene or the Old Vicarage.

Congratulations to: Simon Bust; Glenys Herbert; Marina Thompson; Andrew Paris; Andrew Fraser; Diana Parish; David Herbert who were all returned as Halam Parish Councillors in the local elections!

Parish Council Meeting: Thursday 10th May 2007

Present : S. Bust; A. Fraser; D. Herbert; G. Herbert; A. Paris; D. Parrish; M. Thompson.

Beat Officer :

Unfortunately PC Thompson was unable to attend – he will be invited to the next meeting

Election of Officers :

Chairman: S. Bust; Vice-chairman: A. Fraser; Xmas charity officers: S.Bust/A. Paris; Press officer: A. Paris; Transport officer: G. Herbert; NALC representatives – D. Parish/M. Thompson; Snow warden & Flag Officer: S. Bust; Crime reduction officer: A. Paris. The Clerk: Financial officer; Ken Grieve: Internal auditor.

New Model Code of Conduct :Adopted with amendments

Parish Plan : A final list mock-up will be discussed and reviewed fully at next meeting now it operated for 2 years.

Notice Board : is now under construction

State of the Roads : Further to complaints re the state of Radley Road; all landowners are reminded of their responsibility to clean up any mud they leave on the road.

Speed Watch : Interactive sign appears to have slowed traffic down; some branches, now in full leaf, are reducing the range of sign’s sensors. A second location (near the ford) will be investigated for speed watch – vehicles enter Halam from Edingley too fast; with several accidents occurring that end of the village. G. Herbert reported complaints about the scheme, in particular cameras used to follow locals driving through the village, especially down School Lane. A. Paris pointed out that all operators are trained; it is working practice to “track” vehicles; some speed provocatively on seeing the camera. From the location, it is impossible to track vehicles on School Lane.

Simon Bust stated that provided operators work to official training guidelines the scheme has the P.C.’s full backing.

Ivy on Trees : awaiting further information. It was felt that the P.C. had no authority to ask landowners to remove ivy from their trees, but it was agreed to remind residents that trees can be choked by ivy, and it is good practice to cut back as creepers damage trees.

Design Statement : Computer problems prevented circulation of document to the P.C.; circulation next week

County Council Civic Service : To be held at 11am on Sunday 15th July at the Minster. Simon Bust to attend.

Open Meeting :

Matters raised:
1. Parking/road safety problems during “Ashdene” open garden days. Cones may be put out next time, and a sign requesting considerate parking.
2. Twenty-Plenty Scheme – unlikely to progress until current pilot schemes are assessed.
3. Bank collapsing by Gray Lane bridge – C.C. are aware, but Clerk will contact again.
4. Statements of support for the Community Speed Watch Scheme were made, particularly as it has helped obtain interactive speed sign.
5. Transport officer role was discussed – we are lucky to have a regular (and improved) bus service.
6. C.Cllr. Andy Stewart informed the meeting that Beat Officers are now being trained to support Community Speed Watch teams.
7. Problems with youths in cars loitering under the tree on the bend on Holme Lane have re-emerged – this has been reported and will be raised with the Beat Officer. Problems should be reported to the police (01909 500999) immediately – more complaints may result in more action to resolve problems before they escalate.

Correspondence :
1. Best Kept Village – agreed enter again; residents requested to keep property frontages neat and tidy.
2. Draft East Midlands Regional Plan – agreed take no further action.
3. RCC – AGM Wed 31 October – no one to attend; No nominations for Officers & Executive.

Planning : Halam Village Hall – Extension; internal re-model; provision of disabled facilities: unanimous support.

Finance : Agreed to pay; dog bin emptying; fire extinguisher service.
P.C. insurance; Policy Document required – if not available, A. Paris will try to get a copy.

Date of Next Meeting : - Thursday 14 June at 7.30pm

Halam Church Fabric

Work has now been completed on redecorating the internal walls of the tower and staining of the wood surfaces including the ceiling. The cost of this work has been partly met by a grant of £300 provided by Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd (WREN) who distribute the Landfill Tax Credits of Waste Recycling Group plc. The allocation and distribution of the grant has been made by the Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust, a registered charity whose aims are to assist with the restoration of historic churches and chapels of all Christian denominations throughout Nottinghamshire. Simon Settle of WREN says "We are very pleased to be able to help finance this project which will ensure that a bit of Nottinghamshire's rich church heritage is preserved for generations to come." Also the generous contributions from Halam Arts towards the cost of the church fabric work are gratefully acknowledged.

Work is now planned to redecorate the remainder of the church comprising the chancel, vestry, nave and south aisle as soon as the necessary permission and finances can be arranged. Because of the amount of work involved this final phase is likely to be expensive and if you would like to contribute towards the cost please contact me as soon as possible.

Tony Hallam

Church Study Group

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 21 June at Bankwood Farm, off the Oxton Road (past Hollybeck Nurseries), starting at 7.30pm. All are welcome.

Tony Andrews

From the Millennium photo archive


Whitsuntide (Pentecost) celebrations from the Barrett family file – can any readers supply information?

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