June 2005

From the Editor:

Thank you to John & Rosemary McEwan who have generously sponsored the news this month. If you would like to sponsor (£10 per edition), advertise, make a donation, or have items of news included (deadline 24 th – (later submissions may be carried over) contact: Karin Davis Tel: 815854 or email karinlindley@hotmail.com

What’s on Locally

HALAM OPEN GARDENS: Sunday 12 June between 1-5 pm. The event is linked to a service of re-dedication at 11.00am at St Michael’s Church to give thanks for the return of the mediaeval windows which have been away in York at the Barley Studios for cleaning & resetting. All are welcome at the service of re-dedication of what is in fact the village’s greatest treasure and claim to national fame.


 10 June: Opening Concert : Aled Jones & Matthew McAllister; Tickets £5 - £20.

14 June: Thoresby Brass Band : Tickets £5 - £8.

17 June: Children’s Concert : Peter & the Wolf – Prokofiev; Carnival of the Animals – Saint Saens; Tickets £5 - £8.

18 June: Southwell Choral Society : Festival Concert; Tickets £5 - £10. (All the above concerts are in the Minster)

19 June: Matthew McAllister Classical guitar ; Southwell Methodist Church; Tickets: £7.50

Tickets for all Festival events are on sale from Penny at ‘Music In The Yard’ (Tel: 814411). Additional information about parades, sporting events, Great Hall concerts & Jazz is available at www.southwellfestival.com . Information on all events can be found in the Festival booklets.

Halam School

Recently there have a been a number of incidents of youths climbing on to the roof of Halam School and the latest occurrence resulted in the Police being called when the children on the roof ignored a request to get down. Climbing on the School roof is very dangerous and could result in personal injury and/or damage to the buildings. Further incidents of this nature may lead to a re-assessment of the availability of School facilities.

Peter Thompson (Chairman of Governors)

Halam School Sports Day & Summer Fete

Everyone is invited to Halam School Sports Day and summer fete on Wednesday 20th July at 2pm. Previous pupils of the school remember the ‘past pupils race’, so don't forget your running shoes! Halam School PTA is currently raising funds towards the new building programme in the school. The www.buy.at/halamschool link continues to raise money – grateful thanks to all who use this. There is a recipe book on sale from PTA committee members. Information can be found on the school website at www.halam.notts.sch.uk

Vera Sharman

My dear cousin Vera Sharman of Mill View, The Turnpike, died on the 10 th of April and was buried in Halam Church on 18 th April. I think, at 95, she was the oldest resident in the village. Most of her life was spent in Halam, attending Halam School as a child, living at No. 2 Cottage on the Turnpike, Manor Farm, Manor Cottages and Brookside. She was a well-known hairdresser. She told me two little things about her childhood which have stayed in my mind. One, that as a child, whilst tending cattle up Holme Lane, a tramp appeared from behind the hedge; she left the cows to their own devices and raced off home. The other touching story was in the 1 st World War. Halam School children always stood at the school wall (much lower then) to wave to the soldiers as they marched by. Her father was amongst them and he broke ranks to kiss her good-bye. Thankfully he did return.

Olive Kitts (nee Sharman)

John Tunnicliffe (28/5/33 – 5/5/05 )

John was born in Derbyshire but moved to Edingley aged 6. The only son among 4 children, he is survived by his sisters Mary Snell & Dorothy Hill. Farming was in his blood & he worked alongside his father at New Manor Farm, eventually taking over with his wife Zelia. He was a dairy farmer which involved long hours, but still found time to be Chairman of Mansfield NFU, Chairman of Farnsfield Discussion Group,& do proficiency testing at Brackenhurst. After long days outside he would pour over journals & records in order to improve his pedigree herd. Sadly, quotas put paid to dairy farming at New Manor Farm, but John was also victim of his love of his herd & had contracted Brucella arthritis. This slowly debilitated him over the years; a hip and knee replacement went sadly wrong and he died from ancillary infections. He will be remembered in this area for his contribution to farming, & a life-long passion & support of Derby County. He will be sadly missed by his wife Zelia, his sons Timothy & Simon, & grandchildren Hannah, Lucy, Scott, Daniel & Jonathon.

Debbie Kenyon

Midsummer Tasting!  18 June


  Margaret & John Hill: Telephone 01623 882664

Find us at the top of Edingley Hill


Opening times: Monday-Thursday: 9am– 5.30pm; Friday: 9am-6pm; Saturday: 8.30am- 5.30pm; Sunday:10.00am-4pm


Strawberries/Raspberries at Combs Farm on the A614, or Kirklington on the A617; Open daily – telephone for details


Try our Strawberry varieties/Ices/cakes/Fruit Juices/Jams

Parish Council Meeting: 11 May 2005

Present : S Bust, G Herbert, N Armstrong, A Fraser, A Paris & D Parrish; Apologies: I Sharman

Election of Chairman & Vice-Chairman : Chairman – SB; Vice-Chairman – AF; Election of Officers: Xmas charities: SB & ARP; Press Officer: ARP; Transport Officer: GH; NALC reps – AF, GH & DP; Snow warden – SB; Internal auditor – E.Gathercole to be asked if she will act; Flag officer – SB; Crime prevention – ARP; “Kids Club” officers – whole PC; Financial officer – the clerk.

Matters Arising : Letter re parking in the village – to be amended as agreed and circulated with next Halam News

Parish Plan : Progress review against action plan: - 1. Letter received from N&S DC in response to the PC’s letter; noted in particular:- a) Halam’s classification as a large village ‘could be different’ under new Local Development Framework. b) Amendments to plans after planning permission has been granted – DC to only allow amendments which “are very minor in nature”; in future DC will ‘send a copy of the authorised amending drawing to the Parish Council for your information’. c) Development of a protocol to ensure Parish’s views are taken strongly into account – DC believes adequate opportunities are given for consultation, but would ‘be glad to know in what ways … existing arrangements are insufficient and how you would wish to see revised procedure’. Agreed to write to ask that the local DC member be allowed to attend site meetings to provide local knowledge and the views of the Parish. Also, planning officers should attend a meeting (Parish or open) in the village to discuss any particularly significant or controversial applications. 2. Neighbourhood Watch – only 3 groups left to get up and running. Meeting to be arranged with local beat officer. 3. Speeding – to be discussed 19 May with Mr Charnley. 4. Footpath group – performing local survey

5. Dog Fouling – still a problem; dog owners please note: Clean up after your dogs and/or use the dog bin.

6. Litter – update to be requested from school. Awaiting information on insurance re litter working parties. 7 . Recycling –more info to be circulated in the village. 8. Halam Events – committee formed and meeting regularly. 9. Parish Plan bank account now closed; bank statements, cheque books and 6p interest given to the clerk.

Possible restrictions on Mansfield Road : C.C. Stewart reported that wear to the footpath and parapet wall over the Beck near junction of Holme Lane may necessitate closure of the footpath and one lane of the road before and during repairs. The situation will be monitored.

N&S DC Local Development Framework : The clerk to write to N&S with the PC’s agreed comments.

Village Hall Cleaning : Cleaners to provide own cleaning materials in future – should improve cleaning standards.

Noticeboard : Awaiting advice on location from Notts CC.

Hedgerows: Where hedges are causing problems, – overhanging footpaths etc – please contact the clerk.

Playing Field : Deferred until the new village hall is assessed.

Education Classes : DP is progressing this

Annual Village Booklet : DP, AP and E.Gathercole to progress.

Recycling : Further publicity – poss. in annual village booklet

Footpaths : Footpath group progressing

Speed Limits through Village : Would a 20mph limit at certain times be a possibility? To be discussed with C. Charnley

Open Meeting : Matters raised: 1) Publicity/flyers for meeting with Chris Charnley 2) Flag for Halam 3) Poor state of street furniture 4) Emptying of bin on corner of Holme Lane 5) Planning consultation by N&S DC – do they have targets and are these met? 6) If there are problems with the state of the school hall after Kids Club, the club committee should be invited to see the problems for themselves

Reconvened Parish Council Meeting :

Correspondence : 1) Invite from RCC to their AGM 17 th October at Gedling BC offices 2) Letter from Sir John Starkey asking for meeting – agreed to inform him of open meeting section of Parish Council meetings, and give dates of next meetings

Planning : Ashcroft, Grey Lane, – erection of double garage: passed unanimously

Finance: Resolved to pay: hall cleaners; Best Kept Village Competition entry fee; dog bin charges; Agreed to authorise statutory payments by Standing Order (electric/rates/mortgage for Village Hall); Agreed to hold Village Hall charges for present, and raise allotment charges to £12.50 from 1 April 2005.

Items for next agenda : Parish Plan

Village Hall : Ian Sharman declared a prejudicial interest and left the meeting. The feasibility study was circulated to the Parish Councillors. A (closed) meeting will be held to discuss further as soon as possible.

Date of Open Next Parish Council Meeting :- Thursday 9 th June at 7.30pm followed by Parish Council Meeting

WEA Courses

WEA courses such as Drawing/Painting; Italian; French; Spanish can be put on in our village hall if a minimum of 12 people are prepared to commit. Typically 9 sessions cost approximately £37 with concessions for OAP’s, Students & Disabled. If you are interested or think you could get a group together contact: David Herbert (Tel: 812335)

Halam & District Women’s Institute  

The W.I. next meets on Tuesday 7 June in Halam Village Hall at 7.30pm. The speaker, Mrs Jessop, will be giving a talk entitled ‘Washday Blues’. The competition is á Dressed Dolly Peg’. Visitors and new members will be made most welcome.

St Michael the Archangel: June Services

Sunday 5th June: 2nd Sunday after Trinity
8am Holy Communion
9.00am Family Communion
Sunday 12th June: 3rd Sunday after Trinity 11.00am Sung Eucharist
Sunday 19th June: 4th Sunday after Trinity
9.30am Holy Communion
Sunday 26th June: 5th Sunday after Trinity

11.00am Sung Eucharist

For information contact Church wardens: Bev Perks (812181) David Herbert (812335)
Preist-in-charge: Rt. Rev. David Leening (812593)

Bible Study/Discussion Group

 The June meeting will be on Thursday 23 June at The Scypen, Radley Road, at 7.30 pm. All are welcome. Future meetings will be arranged on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Tony Andrews

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