June 2004

From the Editor: Ed Gathercole has produced and edited Halam News for over 10 years. On behalf of the village I would like to thank him for his hard work, conscientiousness and community spirit.
Thanks Ed!

You will all notice that Halam News is sponsored this month by Terry Buck. Halam News relies on donations and advertisements in order to exist, and has no other funding. If you wish to make a donation, place an advert, or have any items of news or events included - please contact me: Karin Davis 815854

New Parish Councillor

Congratulations to Di Parish, who has been returned as Halam Parish Councillor. Turnout of voters at almost 50% for a parish by-election was good, and demonstrates once again the commitment and involvement of Halam residents, when other Parish Councils struggle to find candidates and seldom have elections.

St Michael the Archangel: June Services

Sunday 6th June : Trinity Sunday 8am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion
Sunday 13th June : First After Trinity

11am Sung Eucharist

Sunday 20th June : Second After Trinity
9.30 Family Communion
Sunday 27th June : Third After Trinity

10.30am Cluster Service Minster

For information contact Church wardens: Bev Perks (812181) David Herbert (812335)
Preist-in-charge: Rt. Rev. David Leening (812593)

Halam & Edingley W.I.

The W.I. meets on the first Tuesday of each month in Halam Village Hall at 7.30pm. On Tuesday 1 June the speaker will be Mr Smith talking on the subject 'Okavango: A Place of Plenty'. The competition will be: 'An Animal Snapshot'. New members will be made most welcome. July's meeting will be held in a member's garden.

Puzzle Corner

You have a 5 litre jar and a 3 litre jar and unlimited amounts of water. How do you measure 4 litres exactly? You are not allowed to use any other containers. Answer in next month's news.

Neighbourhood Watch Open Meeting

This will take place on Wednesday16 June, Village Hall at 7.30pm. The Parish Council are looking to revitalise this scheme and find more volunteers. Terry Reynolds (Area Coordinator) & P.C. Carr (Police Beat Manager) will be attending. Everyone is welcome!

Halam School Sports Day & Summer Fete

This will take place on Halam School field on Wednesday 7 July at 2pm. There will be all the usual attractions and a warm welcome to all villagers and old pupils. See you there! Also Halam School's summer concert takes place on 16 June, at 2pm & 6pm.

What's On Locally:

  • Lowdham Book Festival 12-16 June. Details from Ross Bradshaw 0115 9774435 or The Bookcase, Main Street Lowdham.
  • Southwell Minster School 'It's a Knockout' Carnival Sunday 27 June. Details from Hugh Middleton 01623 411496
  • Patchings Festival 10- 13 June
  • Newark on Water Festival opens on Weds 9 June with 'a Night at The Opera'. Contact Newark Tourist Information for details of events throughout June 01636 655765
  • Paperwork Art Exhibition until 13 June at Rufford Craft Centre. Free admission.
  • Upton Open Gardens & Sculpture display Sunday 6 June 1pm-6pm. Entry 2.50 & 1 for children.

Southwell Choral Society

On Saturday 26 June at 7.30pm the choral society presents an evening of summer music in the Leisure Centre with pupils from the Minster School, prior to their tour of Austria. Tickets & information from: The Minster Shop; Music in the Yard; or Tony Denyer (Tel: 814708).

Parish Pump

  • Exams!!! Rhys Fowler, Amy Hubbard, Nick Gramlick, Steve Miller, Matthew Davis, Clarissa Perks, Beth McMurdo, Matthew Oxley, Jonathon Paris; Ian Rickett, Cate Davis, Danielle Pepper, are all sitting important exams this summer. We wish them every success!
  • Congratulations to Karen & Marco on the birth of their daughter Lucia, and to Keely & Steve on the birth of their daughter Matilda.

Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm, Thursday, 13th May 2004

All Councillors Present:

Andy Stewart (County Councillor) reported that County Council are considering a flashing 30mph sign for Halam.

Di Parish welcomed as new councillor; Simon Bust elected Chairman; Glenys Herbert vice- chairman; Xmas charities- SB & AP; Press Officer- AP; Transport Officer-GH; Nalc. Reps- SB & AF; Snow Warden-SB; Internal Auditor- Elaine Gathercole; Flag Officer-SB; Crime Prevention - AP.

Matters Arising: Village Hall/Lottery funding; Parish Plan; Breach of Planning; Neighbourhood Watch; Police Liaison; 'Councillors Behaving Badly'. Open Meeting: Traffic Hazards caused by parking on building site next to Ashdene highlighted; Siting of the Dog Bin- appropriateness questioned by parishioner.

Correspondence: Endurance ride Sunday 16 May; NALC annual conference; Letter re parking building site next Ashdene- SB to speak to contractors; letter re siting of dog bin - resolved to keep it in clean condition & regularly emptied; Village Hall Conference - AF to attend.

Planning: 1) Chartwells, Station Rd. Edingley (in Halam Parish) - proposed front porch - supported unanimously;
2) Holbeck Cottage, St Michael's Close, - proposed 2 storey extension to rear, & porch to front (amended plans) unanimously rejected.

Finance: Agreed to pay following: village hall repairs; village hall cleaners; Bramley Publications; Gill & Taylor (electrical check); Best Kept Village entry fee; Notts. CPRE Best Kept Buildings competition (entry for Plough & Barn Conversion, Turnpike/School Lane); Payment of statutory bills (rates/electric/mortgage) authorised; A financial risk assessment will be brought to next meeting; Allotment rental charges to remain at 10 per annum each. An allotment may be available in near future.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 10 June, 7.30pm

Halam's Area of Special Interest

Nottinghamshire County Council manages a series of roadside verges across the county specifically to benefit the plants that grow in them, under the Notified Road Verge (NRV) scheme. To date, there are 25 NRVs in the county, one of which is found in Halam.

The Halam NRV is located at the southern end of Newhall Lane, and runs from the entrance to Brockley Farm to the top of the hill approximately 200m to the north, along both sides of the road. As with all NRVs it is marked with 6ft wooden posts at either end, designed to indicate the importance of the verges, yet remaining fairly unobtrusive.

Although small in area, Halam NRV is rich in plant species. These include the locally rare adder's-tongue fern and pyramidal orchid, along with more typical meadow species, such as yellow rattle, cowslip, black knapweed and common vetch. Such species are becoming increasingly scarce, and road verges often represent the only places where they can be found in some areas.

Halam NRV is managed by Mr Hoggard at Brockley Farm, following the traditional management practice of taking a hay cut in late July or early August. This serves to retain the botanical interest of the site and prevents species such as grasses and nettles from taking over. These more dominant species thrive in areas with higher nutrient levels, but by removing each year's growth from the verges, lower nutrient conditions can be maintained. Mr Hoggard then uses the hay crop to feed his livestock during the winter, so this is a mutually beneficial arrangement which we are keen to replicate elsewhere, rather than relying on private contractors (who we have had problems with in the past).

As a result of its botanical interest the NRV is also good for butterflies which are attracted by nectar producing plants. Species such as orange-tip and small copper can be seen along the verges in the summer. Similarly, birds such as whitethroat and yellowhammer also make use of the verges, finding insects to feed on during the summer, and seeds during the autumn and winter.

It is hoped that following this article, more people will visit and enjoy the verges. If you would like to know more about the verges at Halam, or the NRV scheme, then please contact me on 0115 977 4557.

Nick Crouch
Assistant Nature Conservation Officer
Nottinghamshire County Council (Environment)


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