July 2003

Congratulations to Jo Mills and Malcolm Wilcox of Manor Farm, Radley Road on their marriage.

Congratulations to Julie Fleming and Andrew Paris of Applegarth, Radley Road on their marriage in Texas on June 20th and blessing in Halam Parish Church on June 29th.

Condolences to the family and friends of Alan Cousins of The Old Plough, the Turnpike, who died suddenly while on holiday.

Halam Open Gardens - 22nd June

This was another successful year. Thanks to those who opened their gardens and those who helped on the day. Over 1400 was raised.

Village Shop and Post Office

Once again sales are falling at our village shop. Please make a special effort to give it as much support as you can, not just now and again but on a regular basis. It appears that it is the younger end of the village (people in their 20s and 30s) who don't seem to use it as much as the older generation. Remember that village stores are an endangered species so please go along and see what it has to offer. New customers are always welcome!

Christian Aid Collection

Bev Perks would like to thank all those who contributed and collected. A total of 146.87 was raised.

Paper Collection

Please remember to keep putting out your paper (in open plastic bags) with your refuse bin every other Tuesday. The dates for paper collection this month should be the 8th and 22nd of July.

Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm, Thursday, 12th June

Present: G. Herbert, S. Bust, A. Fraser, K. Lindley, A. Paris, I. Sharman, N. Armstrong (part)

Dog Bins: It was agreed to buy a suitable bin, (approx. 100). Siting to be decided when it arrives.

Litter Nuisance - Holme Lane: The police have been informed and have been patrolling the area. The situation seems to have improved but will be monitored.

Parish Council Insurance: After obtaining a comparative quote, the policy through NALC has been purchased as best value.

Internal Auditor: Elaine Gathercole has agreed to act as auditor for the Parish council. Accepted unanimously.

Jubilee Tree: It was resolved to place a commemorative plaque at the base of the tree in the churchyard. The Clerk is to source a suitable plaque.

Road Safety: The County Council are to implement the following:
(a) new high visibility school warning signs on the approaches to the school,
(b) extended no waiting zigzag lines outside the school,
(c) bus bay road markings outside the school,
(d) road safety education for the children at the school.
It was resolved to request a "gating system" from the County Council for the bottom of Halam Hill i.e., more prominent 30 mph signs, red tarmac strips and larger road markings. Parking on Radley Road:

Can everyone please note that parking close to the junction with the Turnpike is not only dangerous and inconsiderate, it is also illegal. Cars parked within 25 metres of any junction are committing an offence. Please keep the village junctions clear.

Village Hall Cleaning: The new company are doing a good job at a cost of 22.70 per fortnight.

Village Hall Lights: It was resolved to have plastic covers fitted over the fluorescent tubes for greater safety. The fixing of the lights to the ceiling is also to be checked.

Hedges: Thank you to all who have started to cut back their overhanging hedges. The school hedge has now been identified as a problem; it was resolved to write to the school requesting that they have it cut back clear of the pavement.
Please note that there are other overhanging hedges and trees that need attention - this is the responsibility of the property owner. Enforcement can be made through the County Council - your co-operation would be appreciated.

Parish Plan: Due to pressures of work, Maurice Hinde has resigned as Chairman. Thanks were recorded for his guidance and input. Karin Lindley has been elected new chair with Declan Joyce as Vice-Chair.
The close liaison between the Parish Council and the Parish Plan Committee was discussed and it was agreed that any Parish Councillors who wished to attend or sit in on any future Parish Plan meetings would be most welcome.


The District Council has informed the Parish council of the following planning approvals:
(a) Gables Cottage: single storey rear kitchen/conservatory extension and first floor extension to form en-suite bathroom and dressing room at front.
(b) Manor House: internal alterations.
(c) Cultersforth Farm: change of use of redundant outbuildings to two holiday units, associated alterations and parking provision.
(d) Manor Farm: Alterations to outbuilding to include part demolition and subsequent construction of new enclosure.
(e) Ford House: first floor extension.

The following applications were considered by the Parish Council:-

1. Ashcroft, Gray Lane - Extension: Passed 5 for, with 1 abstention

2. Land adjoining Ashdene, Radley Road - Revised plan for new house: rejected 4 against, with 2 abstentions - grounds of increased size and bulk of the proposal being an over-intensification of the site, and the new position having a greater negative impact on the amenities of the neighbours, and the alteration to the drive being an increased traffic hazard.

3. Manor Farm, Radley Road - Right of Access - Listed Building Consent: pass 5 for, 2 against.

Finance: It was resolved to pay the first bill for the cleaning of the Village Hall.
Thanks were recorded for the 25 donation to Village Hall funds by the "Tea at 2.30" group. This will be used to buy some large doormats for the entrance to the Hall. Their generous donation to the air-ambulance of 95 was noted.

Open Gardens: The Waggon & Horses has agreed to let the village use the field next to the pub for car parking.

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, 10th July at 7:30 pm


St. Michael the Archangel

Services this month -

Sunday 6th July : Trinity 3 9.30am Family Service
11am Sung Eucharist
Sunday 13th July : Trinity 4 8am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion
Sunday 20th July : Trinity 5
11am Sung Eucharist
Sunday 27th July : Trinity 6 8am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion
Sunday 3rd August : Trinity 7 9.30am Family Service
11am Sung Eucharist
6pm Cluster Service at Edingley

If you have any items or information you would like publishing in the next newsletter, please get the details to Edward Gathercole (813760) by the 26th.

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