July 2004

From the Editor: This month marks 25 years of Halam News! The late Miss Ida Glazebrook kindly loaned me the first ever edition which was compiled and edited by Steven Brown in July 1979. I believe she kept every edition of Halam News since its conception, comprising a wonderful archive of village events and concerns over the last 25 years.

Miss Glazebrook will be sadly missed. The first ever edition included an article from John Ferguson, headmaster of Halam School, who outlined activities such as a weekend expedition to Hadrian's Wall, participation in a children's choir and an exhibition of children's work in Southwell Minster, a performance of Dick Whittington by the infants, and Sports Day on 7 July. The late Mr Eric Bust wrote an article about the 'new look' District Council, following the elections of 3 May 1979. A number of articles concerning the church were included. At that time Halam had a thriving Mother's Union as well as Halam W.I. which took part in the National Flag Relay and raised 2000 to help provide a child care unit in Botswana. If anyone would like to see or copy the original let me know.

Halam News relies on donations and advertisements in order to exist, and has no other funding. It will fold if it is not supported. If every household in the village donated 3 per annum this would cover the cost of a more vibrant and detailed Parish News.

If you wish to make a donation, place an advert, or have any items of news or events included - please contact me by the 24th of each month, but please note that it may not be possible to include late submissions if the Newsletter is already full. Karin Davis 815854 or e mail: karinlindley@hotmail.com

Halam News is sponsored this month by Terry Buck.

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Miss Ida Glazebrook

Sadly Miss Ida Glazebrook of The Old Oak, Radley Road died on Tuesday 1 June after a short illness.
The funeral service, led by members of Southwell Baptist Church, was held in Halam Church on Wednesday 10 June. Miss Glazebrook was 90 years old.

Members of the family have contributed the following tribute: 'Ida was the youngest member of a family of eight children and was born and brought up in Halam. She attended Halam School and helped in t he family Market Gardening business. In 1944, as a mature student, she attended the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow for two years and went on to be a teacher, specialising in R.E., English and Natural History. This was followed by teaching posts at Eversfield Preparatory School, Solihull, and Bramcote Preparatory School in Nottinghamshire. Past pupils testify to her caring and inspirational teaching, and several 'Old Boys' remained in touch.

Ida was brought up as a Methodist but in later life she became a member of the Baptist Church and this was both her joy and way of life.

She was a kind and caring daughter, sister, aunt and great-aunt, and a good friend and neighbour to many. Although in many ways a private and independent person, her great motivation was her faith and her love for her church and family - not forgetting her garden and orchard which occupied many hours of both time and energy up until the last few days of her life.'

St Michael the Archangel: June Services

Sunday 4th July : 4th Sunday after Trinity 8am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion
Sunday 11th July : 5th after Trinity

11.00 am Sung Eucharist

Sunday 18th July : 6th after Trinity
9.30 Family Communion
Sunday 25th July : James the Apostle

11.00 am Sung Eucharist

For information contact Church wardens: Bev Perks (812181) David Herbert (812335)
Preist-in-charge: Rt. Rev. David Leening (812593)

Halam School News

Ofsted Praises Halam School: The recent Ofsted inspection at Halam School confirmed that standards of teaching have been maintained since the inspectors last visit (6 years ago), that the pastoral care of the children is very good, that there is a clear vision from the school leadership and that governance is strong.

In addition the lead Inspector was asked specifically to review the strategic vision for Halam School, to give an independent assessment of the 'new journey' which the school has embarked on. The 'new journey' being spearheaded by Head Teacher Mrs Kate Brown is one of maintaining and building on the school's high standards whilst developing a curriculum which is more innovative and inclusive, and it was pleasing to see the Inspection team thought that this was indeed the right approach for a school such as Halam.

Well done to the staff, the children, and the wider school community on such a good report!

New 'Buddy Bench': Halam School has received 500 from the will of former teacher Miss Ruby Hucknall who died recently. This money was combined with the proceeds from the children's stall at last year's Christmas Fair and has been used to purchase a 'buddy bench'.

This has recently been placed in the school grounds and provides some useful extra outdoor seating for the children in a shaded area.

New Investment: The LEA recently confirmed that they have allocated up to 100,000 towards the cost of creating a proper school hall for Halam School. This is something that the school community and others have been campaigning for in the last 6 years, and is a big vote of confidence in the school. It is hoped that the building work can be completed in this financial year, subject to planning and LEA workload considerations.

Peter Thompson (Chairman of Governors)

Halam & Edingley W.I.

The W.I. meets on the first Tuesday of each month in Halam Village Hall at 7.30pm. On Tuesday 6 July the meeting will take place in the garden of Mrs Debbie Kenyon at 7.30pm. New members will be made most welcome. Contact Mrs Glenys Herbert (telephone 812335) for details.

Parish Council By-Election

I am just taking this opportunity to thank all the villagers who were kind enough to turn out to give me their supporting vote on Thursday 29th April 2004.

Ken Grieve

Halam Kids Club

There will be a fund-raising second hand toy and book stall at the Halam School Sports Day on July 7th. Any contributions for the stall will be gratefully received. Please contact Suzi Anderson on 813913, or leave contributions at Sunningdale, Radley Road, in the children's playhouse just through the gate which will keep them dry! This is one of our main fundraising events of the year and all support is very much appreciated.
Many Thanks Suzi

Committee Members Needed

The treasurer of Halam Kids Club, (the after school club) is standing down at the end of this term and we are now looking for a new treasurer and any other people who would like to help on the committee. We normally meet once every couple of months.
Please contact Suzi Anderson (813913), Helen Stowers or Sarah Godfrey if you are interested in helping.

Parish Pump:

  • New Residents! A warm welcome to Sue & Simon Parker and their children Emily and Finley who have moved into Halam Lodge, The Turnpike. Also to Sarah & Andrew Godfrey who have moved into Evergreen House, School Lane with their children Robert, Henry, Camilla & Fergus
  • Congratulations and good wishes to Katherine Jane Bust (Katy) on her engagement to Christopher John Bevans
  • Congratulations to Emily-Jane Thornewill who has a new job at 'Lakeside' in Arnold. Mum, Dad, Simon & Chris are all very proud of you!
  • Congratulations: To Di McMurdo who has been awarded a BSc in Food & Hygiene
  • At the end of this month we must say goodbye to the Kirby family who are moving to Oxfordshire. Carolyn & Paul have lived in the village for 15 years and they and their children Grace & Eliza will be much missed. We wish them every happiness in their new home, new schools, and new jobs!

Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm, Thursday, 10th June 2004

Present: G. Herbert, S. Bust, N. Armstrong (arrived later), A. Fraser; A. Paris. Apologies: I. Sharman.

Matters Arising:
) Village Hall Questionnaire: The Chairman reported that District Council would be unable to support the proposed project in the light of the number objections raised through the questionnaire. It was resolved that there was no point in the Parish Council pursuing this matter further. It was agreed to request this information from the District Council in writing. The existing village hall should be brought up to standard re disabled access requirements. The Clerk to report back next month regarding this and any other pressing maintenance needed.

2) Parish Plan: The RCC are currently preparing a draft flyer regarding the issues raised by the parish questionnaire. This will be circulated as soon as it has been seen and agreed by the Parish Council. Following that there will be an open meeting to gather further input from the parish on these main issues. It was agreed that a letter of thanks should be sent to all those who have volunteered help and assistance through the questionnaire.

3) Financial Risk Assessment: A report from the Clerk was circulated which highlighted some potential risks. It was agreed that all these were covered by the Parish Council's financial procedures adopted last year.

4) Budget: The Clerk circulated a report updating the Council's financial performance against budget for the year to date. It was agreed that the figures were broadly in line with budget.

Open Meeting:
1) The reoccurrence of youths gathering on Holme Lane with resulting nuisance and litter was highlighted.

2) It was reported that Highways had been seen measuring up the road for red tarmac by the 30mph signs at the entrance of the village on Radley Road. The need and suitability of such 'urbanisation' was questioned.

3) The issue of lack of vision when emerging from School Lane was raised again. It was stated that this was an ongoing problem.

It was reported that the application for the extension at Holbeck Cottage, Radley Road was going before the District Council planning committee. It was agreed to request a site meeting and that Di Parish would represent the Parish Council at the committee meeting.

It was agreed to pay the village hall cleaners and the Parish Council's annual insurance premium.

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 8th July at 7.30pm.

Maintenance of the Churchyard

Halam is a delightful village in which to live. At the centre of the village is the church with its surrounding churchyard, and it is hoped that the churchyard will become a place where village people can walk or sit and enjoy the peace and quiet which is often missing in our busy everyday lives.

For almost 15 years my wife and I kept Jacob Sheep there for 3-4 months each year, and it was an amusing sight to see Glenys striding off to the churchyard with the matriarch of the flock in a head-collar, leading a procession of some 10 ewes and their lambs. Foot and Mouth put an end to this, mostly because of the excessive paperwork associated with flock movements.

Edward Gathercole kept the front of the churchyard and much of the new burial ground in great order for many years, but this was an enormous task. When Ed reluctantly relinquished this role a new strategy for churchyard maintenance had to be worked out. The churchyard is still open for burials, and no part is exempt from this, so a strategy was developed, one first put into effect in Bolton Percy in Yorkshire. Parts of the churchyard were designated 'natural' - these areas would be left unattended to allow natural flora and fauna to flourish. A mown path would allow visitors to view the wild grasses and flowers. Other areas would be mown regularly, and finally, those areas difficult to strim or mow would be treated with glycophosphate and then planted with weed-suppressing plants of different types to deter the spread of weeds such as couch grass and nettles.

Rebecca at the Waggon & Horses generously supplied food and drink for working parties, and the churchyard returned to some degree of order. Subsequently I have started a mowing and planting programme and its effects can now be seen. We have been approached by the National Garden Scheme which would like to include Halam Churchyard to their list of open gardens in 2006.

In the recent village questionnaire 24 people stated that they have regularly helped in the churchyard, and a further 24 offered their services. A regular individual commitment would be of great help, and those who volunteered should contact me so that a small regular task can be allotted either on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The task need only take 30 minutes but with many volunteers doing a regular stint the churchyard could become a source of community pride.

David Herbert (Ashdene: Telephone 01636 812335)

Nature Notes

The more observant amongst us will have noticed the aerial displays of Swallows, Swifts and House Martins over our village. The first Swallow arrived in Halam around the 13th April (first arrival in Notts recorded on 17th March) probably from the Natal region of South Africa although increasing numbers are now wintering in Southern Spain. House Martins arrived soon after and the first Swift was seen on the 17th May (early April in Notts). Swifts generally arrive later than Swallows and leave earlier, some of them in July. It is hard to believe that Swifts rarely land. A young bird born here in Halam may well migrate to its wintering grounds in Africa, then return the next year and never set foot on branch, building or ground until they nest. That's nearly a year. They do everything on the wing, eat, copulate and even sleep.

Ed Gathercole

What's On Locally

In Southwell Minster:

  • 'Music in Quiet Places' presents 'Mediva' on Friday 9th July 2004 at 7.30 p.m.
  • Nottingham Symphony Orchestra: 'Music by Woods, Parry, Elgar and Vaughan' on Saturday 10th July, 2004 at 7.30 p.m.
  • Lincoln Mystery Plays: Performance each evening, Tuesday 13th July to Saturday 17th July 2004 at 7.30 p.m.
  • Music in Quiet Places presents 'Acoustic Triangle' on Friday 23rd July 2004 at 7.30 p.m. (Acoustic Jazz)

Children's Puzzle Corner

Answer to last month's puzzle:

Fill the 5 litre container and pour 3 litres from it into the 3 litre container leaving 2 litres.
Empty the 3 litre container and pour in the 2 litres.
Fill the 5 litre container and fill up the 3 litre container with the extra litre it needs, and this will leave you with 4 litres in the 5 litre container.

This month's puzzle:

Three people check into a hotel. They pay 30 to the manager (10 each) and go to their room. The manager finds out that the room rate is 25 and gives 5 to the bellboy to return. On the way to the room the bellboy reasons that 5 would be difficult to share among three people so he pockets 2 and gives 1 to each person. Now each person paid 10 and got back 1. So they paid 9 each, totalling 27. The bellboy has 2, totalling 29.
Where is the remaining pound?

Christian Aid

Thank you to all those who contributed and collected throughout the village, - a total of 341.58 was given.
Bev Perks

Notts Historic Churches Trust Cycle/Walk/Drive
Saturday 11 September

Once again it is that time of year when the Notts Historic Churches Trust ask people to ride, walk, drive etc. and/or sponsor each other to visit as many churches as possible, choosing your own routes with the aid of a numbered map.

Most of us will attend a church at some time and when we do we like the building to be as dry and warm as possible. The Trust gives grants to churches of all denominations to help keep them weatherproof. We are grateful that St Michael's was fortunate to have been given a grant by NHCT for part of Phase 1 of the restoration programme two years ago.

This year I have pledged to ride and would invite everyone to consider the valuable work done by the Trust. All monies raised will be divided between the NCHT and a church nominated by the cyclist, walker etc. - my nominated church is St. Michael's, Halam.

Anyone who would like more information on riding, walking, sponsoring, or giving an hour of their time manning the church on 11 September to welcome visitors should contact Bev Perks (tel.: 812181) or myself in the evening (tel.: 812569 or at briony@brionyd.fsnet.co.uk
Thank you.

Briony Dickinson

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