January 2007

A Happy New Year to you all!

From the Editor

This month’s Halam News is sponsored by Dennis Fox - thank you! Dennis is in hospital at the moment and we all wish him a speedy recovery. Thank you also to CopyRight Print who have generously sponsored the colour printing in our New Year edition.

If you would like to sponsor Halam News (£10 per edition), advertise, make a donation, or have items included (deadline 25th – later submissions may be carried over)

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  Parish Pump  

  • Belated birthday greetings to Jane Oakley who was 50 on 21 st December. Welcome to the club!
  • Welcome to Nicky Phillips and Owain Miles who have moved into Manor Stables, Radley Lane. We hope you will be very happy in your new home.
  • Welcome to Helen Fynn and daughter Grace who have moved into Barnholme, Radley Road. We wish you every happiness in your new home.
  • The Christmas carol singers in the village raised £100 for the St Lawrence Children’s Hospice, Romania. Thank you to everyone who turned out to sing and especially to everyone who donated. – Tony Denyer.
  • Sadly we say goodbye to Ed and Elaine Gathercole who have moved to Yorkshire. They both contributed a great deal to village life and will be much missed.

Halam & District Women’s Institute

The next meeting will take place on 2 January at 7.30pm in Halam Village Hall. This will be an open meeting - there will be a Faith Supper combined with a quiz and if anyone would like to bring a team you would be made most welcome - w e would be delighted to see you. Do come and join us!

For information contact: Glenys Herbert Tel: 01636 812335

Church Study Group

The next meeting of the joint Halam and Edingley Churches study group will be held on Thursday 18th January at The Scypen, Radley Road, Halam, starting at 7.30pm. Again, Reverend Russell Perry will lead us. All are welcome! –

Tony Andrews


  • Village Ventures: Brendan Power & Frank Kilkelly
    The amazing harmonica player and singer of haunting Irish music is returning to Halam with a master guitarist on Tuesday 16 January at 7.30pm in Halam Church.

    Tickets: £7 are available from: Karin Lindley (815854); Bev Perks (812181); Glenys Herbert (812335)

St Michael the Archangel: January Services

Sunday 7th January: 1st of Epiphany
Baptism of Christ

8.00am Holy Communion - Canon Robin Turner
9.30am Family Communion - Canon Peter Hill

Sunday 14th January: 2nd of Epiphany 11.00am Sung Eucharist - Rev Russell Perry

Sunday 21st January: 3rd of Epiphany

9.30am Family Communion: Rt. Rev Ronald Milner

Sunday 28th January: 4th of Epiphany

11.00am Sung Eucharist: Rev R Perry

For information contact Church wardens: Bev Perks (812181) David Herbert (812335)
Preist-in-charge: Rt. Rev. David Leening (812593)

Parish Council Meeting: Thursday 14th December 2006

Present: S. Bust; G. Herbert; A. Paris; D. Parrish

Apologies: A. Fraser, N. Armstrong; I. Sharman

Matters Arising
1) Norwood Park Golf Course Extension – the reply from District Council is that, as the Course has a Southwell address, Halam was not consulted on this application. A. Paris moved that the Clerk should write to District Council expressing our concern and dissatisfaction with the situation – agreed
2) Interactive speed sign – should be erected shortly after the Christmas break

Village Hall
Extension/refurbishment – Draft plans were examined and discussed. Agreed unanimously to ask John Thornewill to draw up plans for an application to the Planning Department. He will also submit an estimate of his costs to oversee the project. The Parish Council expressed thanks to John for his contribution to date.

Village Hall Cleaning – Tony Denyer has offered to clean the hall (at no charge) from the start of March.

Draft Regional Consultation
A. Paris circulated notes he had made regarding suggested responses to the document; accepted – A. Paris to forward to GOEM.

Government White Paper
A. Paris to investigate further.

Parish Plan
Actions up to date.

Design Statement
Draft documents regarding Village Envelopes and Conservation Areas from the PWG were circulated and read. Agreed to issue with Halam News.

Xmas Tree
It was agreed that the tree looked very festive. Payments totalling £80 were agreed. A larger tree will be considered for next year.

G. Herbert & D. Parrish to investigate further and report back.

Glenys Herbert commented that she thought the fence in front of the old people’s bungalows created a loss in amenity for the elderly residents. It also cause shading which was encouraging the growth of moss & slime on the pathway. Andrew Paris moved that the Clerk should write to Newark & Sherwood Homes requesting that the path be cleaned as soon as possible – agreed.

Open Meeting: Matters raised
1) Mrs Simmons expressed her dissatisfaction with the previous meeting - she felt her questions re planning at Grange Farm had not been answered and that unprofessional comments had been made by members of the P.C. She felt that the council had not expressed the views of the parishioners that it is appointed to represent.
2) P. Thompson asked that costings from John Thornewill should be discussed in public at a P.C. Meeting.
3) A window at the school was recently broken by a football. If further damage occurs, the school will review the use of its playing fields out-of-hours.
4) Tony Denyer asked about a second position for the speed watch scheme at the Edingley end on the village.

1) Halam Parish Paths Partnership – a year is left to run of the present scheme. Clerk to liaise with E. Gathercole.
2) Community Safety Liaison Group – Monday 29 January: Andrew Paris to attend.
3) Touring Cinema Group – information to be passed to K. Lindley.
4) NALC Training – the Clerk & Mandy Rickett to attend financial training session.

1) Orchard View, Radley Road – Single storey extension and loft conversion: supported unanimously.

Planning Decisions
Fairfield House, School Lane – Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of two-storey extension: approved by District Council

Resolved to pay village hall cleaners and the cost of the licensing advert in the Bramley.

The 2007-2008 budget was discussed & accepted. A three monthly review was agreed. The precept for next year was set at the same as last year’s, i.e. £7,000.

It was agreed to amend the Parish Council’s Financial Regulations to allow the Clerk to hold £100 petty cash.

A. Paris will prepare a Risk Assessment for next meeting.

Date of Next Meeting :- Thursday 11 January, 7.30pm

Halam Millennium Photo Archive

Halam Post Office and Stores

 At different times in the last century Halam Post Office has been housed in all the above locations. The first postmaster was Thomas Bust in 1885, although prior to that date Mrs Ann Richardson was Receiver. It was part of the Waggon & Horses 1885- 1899 and again from 1963 - 1983. It was located in Barn Cottage from 1899 - 1938, and then Yew tree Cottage from 1938 - 1954. From 1954 – 1962 it was located at Roseneath, and finally it operated from 1985 until 2002? where the shop currently stands, sadly no longer a post office and stores.


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