February 2005

From the Editor:

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For the Attention of all Villagers!

 Dear Resident of Halam,

 I am writing to inform you of an initiative being taken by your Parish Council. You may be aware that the Parish Council has received an offer of land from Ron & Olive Sharman for a new village hall and outdoor space. The land is adjacent to St Michael’s Close, in the field located behind the former council houses on Radley Road. This would provide us with a site for a new village hall, car parking & some public open space. In addition to the new facilities, Mr & Mrs Sharman are proposing some development – the size and scope of which is yet to be established. Although the Parish plan did consult on this idea, the lack of firm proposals led to some wild rumours and misconceptions about the proposal.

Our recent village plan consultation process has identified a desire to improve the facilities that are available to residents of the Parish, in particular the village hall and provision of a safe public open space. This coincides with the need to spend a considerable sum of your money (estimated at £20,000) on maintenance and disability access improvement to the current village hall. We would still end up with a hall with limited capacity and uses and inadequate parking.

We now have a choice, albeit a difficult one: do we repair the existing hall or take the opportunity to start afresh?

At our meeting on the 13 th of January your Parish Council took the decision to commission a feasibility study that will test the concept of building a new village hall, and the impact that the associated development would have. Apart from developing firm proposals for the new development, the study will assess options for funding the new hall via the sale of the existing one and/or grant aid. This will facilitate an informed debate as to whether this development is desirable in our village.

The study is being commissioned jointly between Ron & Olive Sharman and the Parish Council, and the findings are planned to be available by the end of March 2005.

It is important to stress that we have made no decision on which route to choose, and will only do so after this study has been completed and after full and open consultation with the village. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this process please contact me or any member of the Parish Council either directly or via the Parish Clerk.

Yours faithfully

Simon Bust (Chairman, Halam Parish Council)

What’s on Locally

 Tsunami Disaster Charity Concert

On Saturday 5 February there will be a concert in Southwell Minster to raise funds for victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster. No admission will be charged but donations to the fund will be gratefully received. The programme will include Faure’s Requiem; items from ‘The Armed Man’ Karl Jenkins; ‘How Lovely are thy Dwellings Fair’ from Brahms’ Requiem. If you can’t come but would like to make a donation, contact Tony Denyer, Glenys Herbert or Karin Davis.

Handel’s ‘Messiah’

On Saturday 19 March Southwell Choral Society will be performing Handel’s ‘Messiah’ in the Minster at 7.30pm. Tickets: £7 & £10 from Music in the Yard Tel 01636 814411, Tony Denyer (814708): , Karin Davis (815854), Glenys Herbert (812335).

Village Ventures: ‘Musica Donum Dei’

On Thursday 5 th May there will be a family concert, in Halam Church, of Early English Music: ‘Ring a Ring a Roses’, recreating the spirit of Old England with baroque instruments (violin, flute, cello, vola da gamba, harpsichord and organ). Tunes and songs that everyone will recognize will be enlivened with humorous anecdotes, verses, and explanations of the origins of the music by professional musicians. Tickets are £6 and £5 (concessions) and will be on sale from February onwards from Karin Davis (815854/ email: karinlindley@hotmail.com), or Bev Perks (812181). Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the fund for maintaining the fabric of our church.

Halam Charity Ball

On Saturday 11 June a Summer Ball will be held in a marquee on Halam School field, in aid of Macmillan. There will be champagne & strawberry reception followed by a top class 4 course meal, live entertainment and a disco. Tickets will cost £65 and be on sale throughout February, March & April. Contact John Thornewill (812334), Ian Anderson (813913), Lesley Gramlick (813061), Margaret McCracken (814917) OR Karin Davis (815854) to reserve tickets/tables of 10. A deposit of £15 will be payable. This promises to be a memorable village event!

Halam Prayer Group

As previously advertised a series of weekly prayer and study group meetings is planned for this year, beginning with five Lenten meetings. The first will be held on Thursday 17 th February at 7.30pm, at the Old Vicarage. Revd Russell Perry has kindly agreed to lead the meetings.

If you would like to attend it would be helpful if you would put your name on the list in the church porch, or notify Bev (812181) or Glenys (812335). But if you don’t make up your mind until the last minute, please come anyway! - Tony Andrews

St Michael the Archangel: February Services

Sunday 6th February: Sunday before Lent
8am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion
9th January: ASH WEDNESDAY

7.00pm Holy Communion at Edingley

Sunday 13th February: Lent 1 11.00am Sung Eucharist
Sunday 20th February: Lent 2
9.30am Family Communion
Sunday 27th February: Lent 3

11.00am Sung Eucharist

For information contact Church wardens: Bev Perks (812181) David Herbert (812335)
Preist-in-charge: Rt. Rev. David Leening (812593)

Parish Council Meeting: 13 January 2005

Present : S. Bust; G. Herbert; N. Armstrong (arrived later); A Paris; D.Parrish; I. Sharman; Mr. Andrew Fraser

Matters Arising :
1. Road gulleys – will be dealt with by N.C.C. shortly.
2. Parish Plan – being laid out be designer at present.
3. Councillor Andy Stewart – some funding for community projects may be available.
4. Traffic calming – resolved to invite Mr. Charnley from N.C.C. Highways to the annual meeting in May.

Allotments : A questionnaire relating to a national survey received from Derby University. Clerk to complete and also check registration of allotments for possible grants

Post Office : Will move from temporary to permanent closure on 29 th January if no alternative is forthcoming

Road Signs : N.C.C. to be contacted to repair bends sign near Norfolk House. They will also be asked to replace missing ‘Oxton finger’ on sign post at Turnpike crossroads

Open Meeting : Items raised:-

1. It was reported that the plans for the new school hall were delayed, currently under consideration by planning

2. Clarification was sought as to the status of the offer of a new village hall behind the council houses – no decision made, scheme currently receiving consideration

Finance: It was agreed to pay the village hall cleaners

Village Hall : Mr Sharman declared a possible prejudicial interest and withdrew from the meeting. It was resolved to make a 50% contribution towards a feasibility study for the project subject to a £1,250 maximum. It is expected that the report should be ready by the end of March 2005.

Items for next agenda :
1. Social committee
2. Parish Plan – Parish Council input require in action plan
3. Councillor Stewart’s offer of ‘good cause’ funding (circa £350)

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 10 February 7.30pm

New Refuse Collection & Recycling In Halam

Collections: Green Bin 7 & 21, Silver Bin 14 & 28 February

As all Local Authorities now must recycle by law, Newark& Sherwood have set themselves a target of 28% recycling by 2006. This is well above the 18% government target and it is so important that we all help them to achieve this. Each household in Halam averages 1 tonne of rubbish yearly, and continuing to use landfill sites is unsustainable, as well as producing harmful greenhouse gasses.

The new TWIN BIN system means that we can recycle in our SILVER bin – paper/magazines (not in bags); cardboard (not waxed cartons); plastic bottles (remove tops); margarine/ ice-cream/ yoghurt tubs; food tins & drinks cans. Our GREEN bin is for everything else. You can still recycle glass or textiles at the normal recycling points in Southwell: The Leisure Centre; Co-op car park; Church Street car park ; and garden waste can be composted at home or recycled at the centre at Fiskerton .

We can all make a difference. Working with the council and taking responsibility for our own waste will ensure a cleaner and better environment for future generations.

LEAF – Linking Environment And Farming

LEAF is a charitable organisation which helps farmers to combine economically viable farming with environmental responsibility. Retailers such as Waitrose are supporting this initiative and are including the LEAF Marque on produce which comes from accredited sources – so look out for it if you care about your food and your environment.

We have a LEAF demonstration farm near Halam at Thorney Abbey Farm on the Oxton Road. Andy and Sue Guy have a herd of cows which they operate on a “clean grazing system” where the young cattle eat only pasture which was not grazed in the previous season. This largely eliminates the need for wormers and helps to optimise production whilst promoting the health of both the cows and the environment. They also aim to help the farm’s wildlife habitats. The RSPB has surveyed the bird population and have mounted bird boxes around the farm. Lapwings, Yellow Hammers, Tree Sparrows and Skylarks are among the birdlife visiting Thorney Abbey. Hedges are managed sensitively and cut outside nesting season. Look at www.leafuk.org to find out more about the scheme or if you are interested in arranging a visit to the farm to find out more.

Elaine Gathercole

Halam & District Women’s Institute

 The W.I. next meets on Tuesday 1 February in Halam Village Hall at 7.30pm. The speaker will be Mrs Green who whose subject is Magnets For Health. The competition is a homemade remedy. New members will be made most welcome.


FRAMEWORK (0115 8416623) collects furniture, white goods, bedding, duvets, curtains, electrical items for its work supporting homeless people in Nottinghamshire.

HAVEN HOUSING TRUST : collects beds, 3 piece suites, tables, chairs, wardrobes, clothes & bric-a-brac in the Southwell area. Please note: calls cost 80p per minute on 09057890134, or you can e mail: havenhousing@btconnect.com

THE FURNITURE PROJECT (01623 836410): collects all household items in the whole district, except for carpets & gas appliances, to assist in the relief of need, hardship and distress for North Notts. residents.

NEWARK & SHERWOOD DISTRICT COUNCIL (01636 655600) will collect items for a fixed charge, but emphasise that before you discard something, consider if it is an item that could be put to further use.

JUNK MAIL: Reduce the rubbish you generate by cancelling all unwanted junk mail. Simply contact the Mailing Preference Service on 020 7291 3310 or www.mpsonline.org.uk to remove your name and address from mailing lists.


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