December 2005

From the Editor

Best wishes to you all for a happy and peaceful Christmas! Thank you Bill & Elsie Milner who have kindly sponsored this month’s news. If you would like to sponsor (£10 per edition), advertise, make a donation, or have items of news included (deadline 25 th – late submissions may be carried over). I am always happy to receive any interesting articles.

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Christmas Carol Concert in the Minster on Saturday 10 December suitable for all the family. Tickets are available from Penny at ‘Music in the Yard’, Southwell, or the Minster Shop.

Halam School Christmas Concerts will take place on Wednesday 7 December at 2.00pm and 6.30pm.

Halam School Carols and Mince Pies for all senior citizens on Wednesday 14 December at 10.30am.

Halam School Church Service You are invited to join us in St Michael’s Church on Thursday 15 December at 2.15pm.

School Autumn Term News Report

Our new classroom is finally there and so is the new hall. All the children have enjoyed using the gym equipment that the PTA has helped to buy. All the children and staff have been working hard.

Here are some of the things we have been doing. In October we went to church to celebrate Harvest Festival. Lots of clubs have been running like drama and football. The team played and lost. Also a team from Upper Primary did the Lions Sponsored swim to raise money for community things.

We are trying to be a lot healthier. We have had a walk to school week and Wednesday is healthy snack day.

The school has arranged a trip to Newstead Abbey for a Victorian Christmas. We are all having to dress as Victorian children which should be fun. We also have a school fair and play to look forward to.

Eleanor Winning Year 6 (Junior Reporter)

(Thank you to Alice Fraser who was last year’s reporter and who has now moved on to the Minster School – The Ed.)

St Michael the Archangel: December Services

Sunday 4th December: Advent 2

8.00am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion

Sunday 11th December: Advent 3
11.00am Sung Eucharist

Sunday 18th December: Advent 4

9.30am Family Communion
6.00pm Carol Service
Saturday 24th December: CHRISTMAS EVE

5.00pm Crib Service
11.15pm Midnight Mass

Sunday 25th December: CHRISTMAS DAY 8.00am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion
Sunday 1st January 2006 No Service

For information contact Church wardens: Bev Perks (812181) David Herbert (812335)
Preist-in-charge: Rt. Rev. David Leening (812593)

Children’s Singing Group

I would like to put together a small children’s singing group to perform a couple of carols, with guitar and drum accompaniment, at the Crib service on Christmas Eve in Halam Church. If you would like your children to come and sing there will be a rehearsal on Sunday 11 December at 2pm in Halam Church. It will be very informal. If there is enough interest this could be repeated at other key services during the year

Karin Davis

Parish Pump

  • The 2006 Halam Calendar with lovely photographs is now available for £ 6.99. Proceeds will go towards the new Halam Parish notice board. Contact Declan Joyce (819272) or Andrew Paris (815844) for your copy.

  • A big thank you to everyone who attended the Harvest Supper in October.  It was a fun, successful evening, raising £271.  Many thanks to our speaker, Bill Brown, and the talented apple pie bakers in the village. Without you and those who donated prizes, it wouldn't have been the success it was.  Special mention should be made of the teenage volunteers who worked so hard on the night.  Job well done!  - Marina and Julie.

  • There are still a few of the Halam History books written by John Jackson, and these would make excellent gifts! If you would like to buy a copy they cost £5 each. Please contact Glenys Herbert (Tel: 812335)

  • The annual Poppy Day collection raised £100.14 – thank you to all those who gave generously and apologies to those I missed out. – Dora Rylatt

  • NSPCC Dance & Quiz at The Gallery, Norwood Park on 18 November was a most enjoyable event raising £2,000. Thank you everyone from Halam who supported this. – Margery Wilson


Parish Council Meeting: 10 November 2005

 Present: S.Bust; A.Fraser; A.Paris, G.Herbert, D.Parrish, N. .Armstrong. I. Sharman did not attend (prejudicial interest)

Presentation of proposals for the new Village Hall : The P.C. presented the proposal for a new village hall and the outcome of the feasibility study. There were questions from the public and a lengthy discussion took place. Further Open Meetings to present the proposal, & village consultation will take place before a village referendum.

Matters Arising : C.Cllr .Bruce Laughton informed the meeting of government proposals to amalgamate the Notts. Police Force with Derbyshire or East Midlands. There could be drawbacks, especially for rural areas like Halam. He suggested comments re this proposed merger should be directed to the district Chief Superintendent.

Parish Plan : Two volunteers have come forward so far to form a Parish Working Group (working under the P.C.) to consider planning/development issues in the village, including village envelope, protecting village character & important open spaces in the village, and sympathetic design of new building. Anyone else interested in joining this group should contact the Clerk. An initial meeting will be arranged at the next P.C. meeting.

Appointment of new Clerk : No-one has come forward as a possible new clerk; Mandy Rickett has indicated a willingness to replace Pat. This position is a salaried post; those interested should contact Chairman Simon Bust.

Harvest Supper : The evening was most successful and, although not a fund-raising event, raised just over £270. Many thanks to Julie Paris, Marina Thompson and all those who helped with the evening.

Trafalgar Weekend : The bonfire evening was thoroughly enjoyable and went very well. Many thanks to everyone who helped to make this event successful. The special Trafalgar service on Sunday 23 rd in Halam Church was well-attended and canapés and wine after the service were much appreciated. Thanks to those who helped organise the service and refreshments.

State of the Roads : The bank on Holme Road has been shored up – more permanent work is to be carried out. A meeting with Highways is still to be arranged. Gray Lane is to be re-chipped in the near future. It was agreed to ask the clerk to contact Highways to progress gating of The Turnpike especially at the ‘accident blackspot’ on the approach from Edingley.

Local Development Framework - Submisson Statement of Community Involvement : Notes made by Andrew Paris were reviewed and amended. The clerk will submit the amended comments to the District Council

Kids Club : This will now operate from school. Agreed to give more time for repayment of monies outstanding and allow temporary storage of equipment in hall.

Open Meeting : Issues raised: a request for the accounts for the village hall lettings for the last five years; school lettings policy being reviewed in light of the Kids Club move; school hall will not be available for lettings during school hours; Edingley bonfire – there is a wish to move the bonfire event back to Halam

Correspondence : 1. Letter from Mrs G Starkey re right to roam land. Agreed to tell her to express her views through Halam News. 2. Greenwood Tree Planting Grants – no parish land and Highways problems with roadside planting. No action at this stage.

Planning Decisions : 1 . The Old Barn, The Turnpike – proposed garage, conversion of existing garage with extension of existing house: application withdrawn. 2. Littledale, Mansfield Road - Retention of buildings in paddock & play equipment: application withdrawn

Finance : Resolved to pay:- 1) village hall cleaners, and 2) £35 for Trafalgar bonfire fireworks

Date of Next Parish Council Meetings:- Thursday 15 December at 7.30pm - Please note that this is a week later than originally scheduled.

Halam & District Women’s Institute

The W.I. will be holding the Over 60’s Annual Christmas Party on Tuesday 6 December. We would be really pleased to welcome any new members to our January meeting. Meetings are always held on the first Tuesday of each month and start at 7.30pm in Halam Village Hall. Next year marks our 50 th birthday, so watch this space!

Southwell Junior Choral

Following the success of the Primary Schools workshop in the Southwell Festival, Southwell Choral Society has formed a choir for Junior School pupils from Years 4 - 6. It will rehearse on Monday evenings from 6.30 - 7.15 p.m. at the Minster School, Nottingham Road.

Numbers are limited to ensure quality and commitment. The choir will develop its own programme and repertoire but will perform in at least one of the Choral Society's concerts each year. There is a termly subscription of £5.

The choir is led by Nick Thorpe, conductor of Southwell Choral Society, assisted by Vicky Thorpe, music teacher at Norwell School, and members of the Choral Society.

After successful introductory sessions 31 children from seven schools have been offered places in the choir. There are places for up to nine more children. If your child loves to sing bring them along on Monday evenings!

For further details contact Karin Davis (815854), or full details can be found on the Southwell Choral Society website:

Realising an Education Dream in Southwell

It has been a long held dream for all involved with The Minster School, to have a single site school with state of the art facilities. That dream is just about to become a reality, as work will start in January 2006, to build a new and exciting educational establishment on the Nottingham Road site.

The innovative design for the new school takes cues from Southwell Minster and will provide sophisticated and flexible educational accommodation as well as significant opportunities for community usage. In keeping with the Minster Schools specialist status in Music and Humanities, these include a recital room, 150 seat theatre, and 500 seat hall along with indoor and outdoor (all weather) sports facilities. The new school will be built at the rear of the current Nottingham Road buildings, so keeping the disruption to the education of our students to a minimum.

The Minster School is very grateful to have received significant funding to realise its dream. This funding has come from: Central Government (£30,930,000), Nottinghamshire LEA (£1,000,000) and the Diocese of Southwell (£50,000). On top of this, the School itself must raise £450,000. Two thirds of this (£300k) will come from the Governors capital budget, which leaves £150k to be obtained by way of fund raising, through a concerted effort from the School, the Governors and the Parents working together. A fund raising team has been created (though more volunteers are always welcome!) and plans are being drawn up to appeal to all sections of the school, local and business communities.

Contact Details: or Tel: 01636 814000.

Additional Minster School News

 Minster School PTA are running a Christmas Raffle, tickets on sale at the Co-op on Friday 9th Dec - 17th Dec, to be drawn on Monday 19th- 1st prize is a Hamper. Gift Aid - a letter is going out next week to all parents asking for their support through Gift Aiding.  The first 100 completed Gift Aid. Declarations will be put into a draw and the winner will receive an iPOD NANO. For further information contact Marina Thompson (814026)

Education in 19 th Century Halam

The earliest reference to a school in Halam is in White’s 1844 Directory which mentions a church Sunday school under the care of the Rev. Charles Taylor. In 1854 the directory named Sarah Wright as the schoolmistress. By 1864 White’s Directory refers to a ‘small day & Sunday School’ which Sir Richard Sutton of Norwood had converted from a barn in 1854 and which was under the care of Reverend Tatham. By this time Miss V. Leach was the schoolmistress. In those days a schoolmistress had to leave her post if she married. The barn which was the first school is now part of the property of Hill Farm and stands on what is now School Lane, near to the main crossroads in the village and opposite the School House which was built in 1886 by L.R. Starkey of Norwood. Subjects taught were reading, writing, arithmetic, geography history and needlework. Religious and moral instruction was supervised by the vicar.

In 1886 this first school was exchanged by L.R.Starkey for the present school which was new-built and had a playground and adjoining house for the schoolmistress, at that time Miss Sarah Bradley. The new school measuring 30 ft by 18 ft could accommodate 70 children.

It was officially opened on 7 June 1886. The piece of land it stands on was formerly the site of 5 Poor Houses. The school field was formerly the area known as the Pinfold where stray animals were held. L.R. Starkey bought this land at an auction held at The Plough for £50 in 1885. Problems were mainly to do with absenteeism and these give an insight into the working life of the village. School holidays were connected with agriculture, especially haymaking and harvest. In September the school closed so everyone could go blackberry picking! Free education did not exist in Halam until 4 September 1891. Prior to this school fees of 3d. and 2d. were collected by Mr Blundell, who was also the attendance officer. Miss Bradley retired 3 June 1890. Mrs E Singleton, Miss A Bradshaw and Mrs M Pippard succeeded her in the 1890’s. A school log book dating from 1875 details the full part which the school played in all village activities.

(Information is taken from Mrs Coulthard’s book about Halam.)

The photograph below shows ’ Halam School Loosing’ – Halam schoolchildren show their joy as they are let out of school onto Halam crossroads. This photo is on a postcard dated 1907.

Photograph courtesy of Mrs Eleanor Bust

Neighbourhood Watch

The parish-wide Neighbourhood Watch scheme has now been up and running for several weeks. The village is divided into sections, each one an individual group with its own coordinator – alerts circulate within groups through email and ‘round-robin’ phone calls. Every household which indicated a wish to be included has been issued with a yellow Neighbourhood Watch folder which includes details of how alerts will be received and, where appropriate, passed to the next member of the group.

Some reminders…

Coordinators – please let me know of any changes within your group, e.g. new people moved in, changes of telephone numbers/email etc.

Householders – please let your coordinator know of any changes in contact details

All – please pass on all messages promptly: the system will work only if everyone plays their part

If you have not received a yellow Neighbourhood Watch folder and wish to be included in the scheme, or if you are not getting alerts, or wish to receive your alerts via email, please contact David Stubbs, or Andrew Paris (815844) -

Shopping Made Easier in Halam!

Help your local school community!

 Do some of your normal shopping on-line through one of these two websites and it will generate money for the school of your choice!!

The ‘buy at’ fundraising solution offers a free web shop for our two local schools. By starting at one of the above websites, and then moving onto the other retail sites, any purchases made through the various retailers in the web shop generates commission, which is then given to either Halam & Edingley PTA or The Minster School Fund Raising Campaign (new building project).

There are over 80 retailers involved; many are household names, such as: Comet, Teleflorists… our Aunty Elsie says they are the best flowers she has ever received – she was really impressed!! Other retailers include Thornton, Marks & Spencer, and many more – so please check it out.

The web shops offer the same prices as shopping directly with the merchant, with some stores having web-only offers and other deals such as free delivery. This means shopping online can be secure, quick and hassle free. Think of all the Christmas shopping on the horizon….

Check it out there are current promotions for the ‘man in your life’, or buy a subscription with Sky through the web shop and earn £50 for the school when it is installed, raise 70p just by filling in a consumer products survey on-line for Experian, and much more….



Emily Thornewill, trained Beauty Therapist and Nail Technician with 5 years of excellent experience will be working from home, Halam Cottage Radley Road, or will be happy to come to you.

Everyone deserves a little pampering at Christmas, and we all know how skin suffers in the winter months. A full range of treatments are available: Nail Extensions, Manicure, Pedicure, Tanning, Waxing, plus Eye Treatments and Make-up.

Full list available – give Emily Thornewill a call for information or appointments on 01636 812334 or 07751 685221. Christmas vouchers and senior citizen discounts available.


Dog Poisoned

There has been a very unpleasant incident at the Waggon & Horses. Will’s dog was very recently poisoned with rat bait. Fortunately the dog was found in time and taken to the vet and will most likely recover. If anyone knows anything about this or saw anything suspicious could you please let him know. It is possible that this was an accident but all animal owners should keep a careful watch on their pets

The Ed

‘The Right to Roam’

Just a reminder that no land in or around Halam is covered by the Open Access Legislation. Also I am sure that dog owners are aware that their animals must be kept on leads when walking near livestock. Thank you for your cooperation

Gillian Starkey

And a final word from Pooch …….


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