April 2007

From the Editor

This month’s Halam News is sponsored by Duncan and Liz Hoggard - thank you!

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Contact: Karin Davis Tel: 815854 or email karinlindley@hotmail.com

A Thank You Message!

We have been touched and completely overwhelmed by the huge amount of cards, good wishes and presents received since the birth of Alex Duncan on the 29 th January. Thank you to everyone; sorry if we missed any thank you cards! Best wishes to you all,

Duncan, Liz, Natasha, Kirsten, Evie and Alex Hoggard

Halam Open Gardens 2007

The village " Open Gardens" event will take place on the Sunday 17th June as part of the Southwell Festival. We hope that all those who opened their garden last year will do so again this year- and hopefully others will join and open their garden as well. I would like to make a request for books to be sold at a stall on that occasion - so don’t just throw them out - save them for the open gardens stall.

Contact David Herbert at 812335 or direct at Ashdene for information or to volunteer help. Thank you all!

Halam & District Women’s Institute

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 3 April at 7.30pm in Halam village hall and our speaker, Mr Longsdale from Southwell Garden Centre will be talking about ‘Hanging Baskets’. Everyone welcome!

For information contact Glenys Herbert Tel: 01636 812335

St Michael the Archangel: January Services

Sunday 1st April: Palm Sunday

8.00am Holy Communion - Rev. R. Perry
9.30am Family Communion - Rev. R. Perry
(meet 9.20am in the pub carpark to process)

Thursday 5th April: Maundy Thursday

Supper: Cluster even at Holy Trinity, Southwell at 7.30pm

Friday 6th April: Good Friday

10.00am Morning Prayers: Rev. R. Perry
Sunday 8th April: Easter Sunday
11.00am Sung Eucharist - Rev Russell Perry

Sunday 15th April: 2nd after Easter

9.30am Family Communion: Canon R. Turner

Sunday 22nd April: 3rd after Easter

11.00am Sung Eucharist - Rev Russell Perry

Sunday 29th April: 4th after Easter

6,00pm Cluster Evensong - Rev. M. Tanner

For information contact Church wardens: Bev Perks (812181) David Herbert (812335)
Preist-in-charge: Rt. Rev. David Leening (812593)

This Easter time at:

The Beauty Lounge

With Emily Thornewill

 Treat yourself to
an exclusive luxury Clarins facial
and receive a FREE manicure.

Exclusive to
Halam Residents only

for £30!

Happy Easter!

Halam & District Women’s Institute

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 3 April at 7.30pm in Halam village hall and our speaker, Mr Longsdale from Southwell Garden Centre will be talking about ‘Hanging Baskets’. Everyone welcome!

For information contact Glenys Herbert Tel: 01636 812335

David Herbert has contributed the following rather fitting poem for this Eastertide. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have! – The Ed

Loveliest of the trees, the cherry now
Is hung with bloom along the bough,
And stands about the woodland ride
Wearing white for Eastertide.

Now, of my threescore years and ten,
Twenty will not come again,

And take from seventy springs a score,
It only leaves me fifty more,

And since to look at things in bloom
Fifty springs are little room,
About the woodlands I will go
To see the cherry hung with snow.

 A. E. Houseman 1859-1928

From the picture archive:

The Palm Sunday procession in the 1980’s. Can anyone name everyone?

Parish Council Meeting: Thursday 8th March 2007

Present : Mr. Simon Bust, Mr. Andrew Fraser, Mrs. Glenys Herbert, Mr. Andrew Paris & Mrs. Di Parrish

Apologies : Mrs Nora Armstrong & Mr. Ian Sharman

Crime Reduction :
Mr Trevor Timson, Crime Reduction Manager from Newark Police station gave a talk on ways of making the home safer from burglary. He then answered questions from the floor, and handed out copies of a booklet “A Guide to Home Security”. Anyone who would like a copy of this Home Office publication can contact Andrew Paris, Crime Reduction Manager on 815844 or andrew_paris@yahoo.com

Matters Arising :
Norwood Park Golf Course Extension – as no written response has been received from District Council, the Clerk will contact them again for their comments on this matter. To be put on the ajenda for next month.

Village Hall :
Extension/refurbishment –John Thornewill showed the proposed plans for submission for planning permission. With the addition on a high-level circular window, it was agreed that John Thornewill should submit the plans as soon as possible.

Parish Plan :
Village Contact Sheet - Andrew Paris and Di Parrish agreed to meet prior to next meeting to come up with some ideas

Design Statement :
Next meeting to be confirmed; Andrew Paris to progress with Neville Croston.

Notice Board :
To be made by Mr Islip – 3-door version

Signage on Halam Hill :
Di Parish stated that the signs on Halam Hill look cluttered and untidy. It was agreed to ask the County Council about tidying/rationalising them; Andrew Paris to arrange to have the Neighbourhood Watch sign cleaned/replaced.

Risk Assessment :
The report previously prepared by Andrew Paris was discussed. The Clerk agreed to see to the action points raised.

Twenty Plenty – 20mph :
It was agreed to wait until after the interactive sign was in place before pursuing this further.

Open Meeting :
Matters raised -
1) the location of the interactive sign was discussed – too far up the hill? County Cllr Andy Stewart will ask County Council to contact us about its siting (should have happened before the sign was erected).
2) it was reported that the Police speed van/camera back-up to the Community Speed Watch has been withdrawn due to lack of funding. Andy Stewart will express our complete dissatisfaction at County level.
3) the second location for the Community Speed Watch will be officially assessed for safety on 16 th March.
4) Subsidence of the bank by the bridge on Gray Lane – Clerk to investigate and report back.
5) Car parking in front of the village hall (by people not using the hall) – Clerk will write to the person(s) concerned.

Clean Neighbourhood & Environment Act 2005 – Dog Control Orders :
The District Council intend to introduce district wide dog control measures. They are seeking input from Parishes In the district. To be discussed further at the next meeting.

Government White Paper – Our countryside: the future – A fair deal for rural England :
Andrew. Paris circulated a summary of the White Paper. As this legislation is now in place, no further action to be taken.

Planning :
1. Halam C of E Primary School, The Turnpike – Extension to office and entrance lobby: supported unanimously.

Planning Decisions :
1. Grange Farm, Radley Road – Change of use farm buildings for B8 and B1: approved by District Council.
2. Bramley, Halam Hill – demolition of existing bungalow and erection of two-storey dwelling: refused by District Council

Finance :
Resolved to pay the village hall cleaners; bus shelter cleaning bill; Gill & Taylor bill and the Clerk’s wages. A vote of thanks was given for Patrick Rickett for his hard work and commitment over the past year as Parish Council Clerk. It was also agreed to pay J.M.T. Design and the planning fees for the village hall application.

Parish Council Insurance :
Andrew Paris agreed to look through this prior to renewal and report back.

Village Allotments :
Work to be done in cleaning out the drainage dyke once the present high levels of water have receded.

Village Hall Letting Rules :
To be revised following refurbishment of the hall.

Date of Next Meeting :- Thursday April 12 th at 7.00pm – Annual Parish Meeting (Open Meeting for the Village), followed by April’s Parish Council Meeting.


Reusable Furniture Donations: We will collect any unwanted household furniture, electrical items, bric a brac and clothing. These are given FREEto those in need and can help turn a house into a home for single people and families.

Furniture or Household Items Not Reusable : If your items are not suitable for reuse we can for a small charge remove them for Recycling.

Local Removal Service: If you are wanting to move house within Nottinghamshire please give us a call for a competitive quote.

Excess Stock Sales: We have a wide range of household furniture & bric a brac for sale in our warehouse, open Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm. We are situated at Unit 190, Road E, Boughton Industrial Estate, near New Ollerton on the Tuxford road. We also have an outlet in the New Ollerton indoor market, open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. All at affordable prices.

Unit 190, Road E. Boughton Industrial Estate North.
Boughton, Newark, Notts. NG22 9LD.

Telephone / Fax: 01623 836410.

Registered Charity No. 1016617

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