April 2005

From the Editor:

Roy Allen has printed Halam News for many years but has now sold his business. I would like to thank Roy on behalf of the village for all his help, time & goodwill over the years. Andrew Paris (Copyright Print) has kindly taken over.

Thank you to Elaine Gathercole who has generously sponsored this month’s newsletter on behalf of Aurora. If you would like to sponsor (£10 per edition), advertise, make a donation, or have items of news included (deadline 24th - if the newsletter is full it may not be possible to include late submissions) contact: Karin Davis Tel: 815854 or email karinlindley@hotmail.com

What’s on Locally

Village Ventures: ‘Musica Donum Dei’

On Thursday 5 th May at 7.30pm there will be a family concert in Halam Church of Early English Music: ‘Ring a Ring a Roses’, recreating the spirit of Old England with baroque instruments (violin, flute, cello, vola da gamba, harpsichord and organ). Tunes and songs that everyone will recognize will be enlivened with humorous anecdotes, verses, and explanations of the origins of the music by professional musicians. Tickets £6 & £5 (concessions) are on sale from Bev Perks (812181) or Karin Davis (815854/ email: karinlindley@hotmail.com. Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the fund for maintaining the fabric of our church.

Halam Charity Ball

On Saturday 11 June a Summer Ball will be held in a marquee on Halam School field, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief/Halam School. There will be a champagne & strawberry reception followed by a top class 4 course meal, live professional entertainment – band ‘Left Hand Thread’, and a disco. Tickets cost £65 and are on sale throughout April, but they are selling fast so order yours now! Contact John Thornewill (812334), Ian Anderson (813913), Lesley Gramlick (813061), Margaret McCracken (814917) or Karin Davis (815854) to reserve tickets/tables of 10. A deposit of £15 will be payable. This promises to be a memorable village event!

Village Ventures – Pavlo in Concert

In Farnsfield Village Hall on Saturday 9 April virtuoso guitarist and composer Pavlo, and his immensely talented musicians, combine influences of Flamenco, Latin, Classical and Mediterranean music to offer an evening of passionate guitar playing, humorous repartee, fantastic solos and ensemble playing. Tickets cost £6 and are available from Michele Atkinson (Tel: 01623 883098) Bev Perks (01636 812181) Karin Davis (01635 815854)

Mrs Eva Ninnis

Mrs Eva Ninnis died on Friday 25 February in Highfields Edingley. For many years her name was synonymous with garden design and plant rarity. She was well respected throughout the East Midlands for her opinion as a plantswoman. Her garden at St Helens Croft in Halam was visited by hundreds of keen gardeners - many of the gardens that open through the yellow book scheme in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire owe a great deal to Eva who inspired them with enthusiasm and ideas and a love of gardens. She and her advice and knowledge will be sorely missed.

Southwell Trail

The Southwell Trail is soon to be declared a Local Nature Reserve. This recognises the importance of the site for nature conservation and will ensure that all important features are safeguarded. Nottingham County Council have drawn up a management plan which proposes to enhance the ecological value of the site; maintain access for walkers, cyclists and horse riders while controlling unauthorised use; raise public awareness of its historic and wildlife value; develop opportunities for practical conservation work and encourage local people to take an active interest and involvement in the site. A “Friends of Southwell Trail” initiative is being considered. There will be an open meeting from 6.45pm to 8.30pm at Farnsfield Village Centre on Thursday 14 th April to bring together those with an interest in the Trail and to discuss the future of the site. This will include an illustrated talk on “The Wildlife Value of Old Railway Lines”. All are welcome.

Elaine Gathercole

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Parish Council Meeting: March 2005

Present: S. Bust; G. Herbert; A. Fraser; A. Paris; D Parish Apologies: I Sharman; N. Armstrong;

Matters Arising: Deferred

Halam House Farm proposed development plan was examined by the P. C. and the agent’s supporting letter was read out.

Open Meeting: About 45 members of the public attended. Issues were raised and comments made re proposed development.

Reconvened P.C. Meeting: Parish Cllr Ian Sharman’s letter supporting the planning application was read out.

The application was discussed at length. A proposal made to support the application was not seconded and so fell. A second proposal was made to write to the District Council objecting to the application along with detailed comments re the positive aspects of the proposed development, as well as issues of concern to the parish. This was passed 4 for, 1 against.

Acceptable/Positive aspects:- 1) Mix of size of properties 2) Barn conversion 3) Semi-detached properties 4) Demolition of existing bungalow 5) Removal of poplar trees 6) New entrance 7) Clear definition of edge of development

Areas of concern : - 1) Additional strain on existing problematic drains/sewage system 2) Possible further encroachment of development up the hill behind the proposed site – would like to see legal protection e.g. a 106 agreement to prevent this 3) Proposed Unit 4 is very close to road 4) Units 5 & 6 are very tall 5) Parking for the development is limited – especially for visitors/extra cars

Date of next meeting: Thursday 10 March at 7.30pm

 Parish Council Meeting: 10 March 2005

Present: S Bust, G Herbert, N Armstrong (arrived later), A Fraser, A Paris & D Parrish
Apologies: I Sharman

Matters Arising:
1) Traffic calming:– ARP questioned the positioning of traffic survey points currently taking place. Agreed to raise with Mr Charnley at Open Parish Meeting.
2) Village Plan: Most copies have now been distributed; agreed that finance paperwork etc. should be passed to the Parish Clerk for archiving. Progress against the plan was reviewed. The plan is now available on Halam website at – www.halam.org.uk; the Parish Plan will be on future agendas for continuing review.

C.Cllr Andy Stewart reported that County Council accepts that Halam has a speeding problem – to be discussed with Mr Charnley. Community Projects: £300 received from Cllr Stewart towards a community notice board; Clerk is to investigate putting a free standing board either in front of the church or by the bench at the Turnpike crossroads. Suggestions re a location for a new notice board will be most welcome at the Open Parish Meeting.

Halam Footpath Group: On the group’s recommendation it was agreed to join the Parish Paths Partnership giving the parish more responsibility for maintenance of paths. The first step is for the group to survey all the footpaths in the village.

Litter in the Village: Mrs Herbert reported litter problems and thanked volunteers who have been picking up rubbish.

New Litter Bins: The Clerk to investigate putting new litter bins by the bench outside the church and by the bus stop against the school wall.

Social Committee: Further to the Parish Plan, Peter Thompson is arranging a meeting of those that expressed an interest in forming an events/social committee, Sunday March 20 th. P.C. representatives: Andrew Fraser & Di Parish.

Open Gardens Day: It was agreed that there would not be an open gardens day this year; consideration would be given to incorporating this in an inclusive village event for 2006.

Open Meeting:
Issues raised: 1) Halam Hill footpath;
2) Holbeck Cottage planning – both dealt with under planning.

Planning Decisions: Holbeck Cottage – the Appeal has been won and the owners have permission to build a two-storey extension to the rear of the house. The Parish Council agreed to write a letter to the Planning Inspectorate expressing their extreme disappointment at the decision – copies to N&S District Council and Paddy Tipping MP.

Footpath up Halam Hill – Sir John Starkey has won his appeal and now will not have to build the pathway. The Parish Council will investigate other possibilities e.g. County Council funding (Building Better Communities).

Finance: Resolved to pay: village hall cleaners; NALC subscriptions; Clerk’s wages; bus shelter cleaners; and retrospective payment for design for Village Plan. Parish Plan invoices – ARP declared a financial interest.

Items for next agenda: Parish Plan; Community Projects – notice board, litter bins; social committee

Date of Open Parish Meeting:- Thursday April 14th at 7.00pm followed by Parish Council Meeting

Date of Annual Parish Meeting:- Wednesday 11 May 7.30pm

Parish Pump

  Refuse & Recycling collections in Halam this month: Green bin: 4 & 18 April; Silver bin: 11 & 25 April.

  • We have just received an update from Macmillan Cancer Relief regarding the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning which Halam generously supported this past September. It was a huge success across the UK involving 1.5million people at 39,000 coffee mornings raising £5.2 million that day!  Thank you again to those who baked, attended, and generously donated to this worthy cause. - Jane, Margaret and Julie
  • Walkers – A group of ladies walk 2/3 miles each weekday at 9:00am starting at the entrance to Manor Fields.  We walk varied routes from hilly footpaths to flat terrain for about an hour. If you are interested in joining, ( gentlemen also welcome!) feel free to meet us. Dogs welcome but please bring leads and plastic bags.  Marina 814026. Julie 815844 or Carolyn 819120.
  • Neighbourhood Watch Message : On the 21st March between 9.15am and 10.45am a vehicle left parked on Holme Lane, Halam was vandalised; the rear window was smashed to gain access to the boot and the boot was searched but nothing was stolen.
  • Welcome back Will & Sarah Hill and their children Amy, Katie & Sam who have moved into their new house on Grey Lane.

The Mediaeval Dovecote of Halam: Tony Hallam

There are several dovecotes in Halam, relics of a bygone age when many landowners had them to supply fresh meat as an alternative to salted meat. It is estimated that at one time there were 25,000 in England and Scotland with an average of 500 birds in each.

Perhaps the best known local dovecote is situated to the rear of Halam House. This square barn-like structure is thought to have been built in Tudor times. The brick walls are lined from wall to roof with 1200 nesting places and originally there was a revolving frame and ladder fixed to a central pole that allowed the keeper to reach any point along the walls. Doves were caught by stretching a net across a doorway on the west side of the building, now replaced by a window. The string course of brickwork round the outside was to deter rats from climbing up the walls.

On 23 April 1927 Mr J Whitaker FZE visited Halam and was shown the dovecote by Mr H Rickett senior. In his book ‘The Mediaeval Dovecotes of Nottinghamshire’ an account of that visit and the following poem can be found.

Dovecote at Halam, Notts

It stands four-square to all the winds that blow,

Now washed by rain storms, now all white with snow;

T’was builded in the far past Tudor times,

Hard by the church, and echoes with its chimes.

Its walls of brick are well and truly laid

By masons who to work were not afraid;

Twelve hundreds nesting places line its walls,

Inside the cote resounds with cooing calls.

A gentle south wind turns its gilded vane,

So soft you’d think it comes from sunny Spain;

T’is early morn, and with a hurried rush,

The doves pour out and startle wren and thrush,

Off to the stubble fields they straight-way fly,

Which show in silvery light ‘neath sunny sky;

They feed on scattered corn and many seeds,

Cast from the brown pods of obnoxious weeds.

By this they do a great amount of good,

Helping the farmer to provide more food;

Then when the twilight falls they quickly hie

Back to their cote because the eve is nigh;

And there they bill and coo till soft night falls,

Then sleep their well-earned sleep till daylight calls.

Long may it stand as in these latter days,

With better pens than mine to sing its praise.

J. Whitaker

Halam Footpath Group

In line with the Parish Plan, the Halam Footpath Group (HFG) has now been formed. At our request, the Parish Council (PC) has agreed to join Parish Paths Partnership (3P), subject to Notts County Council (NCC) having enough funds to allow us to do so in 2005/6.

3P is a scheme whereby parishes can ensure that the footpaths in their parish are maintained to a better standard than would otherwise be the case. This is because we would have access to resources and funds which are specially set aside for this programme.

HFG will survey the footpaths and work out what needs to be done. The PC will then apply both to join 3P and for a grant for the work. If we succeed, landowners and farmers will be given the opportunity to contract to do the work and be paid according to a standard schedule of rates. If the landowner doesn’t want to do this work, HFG will find another contractor to do it. If NCC don’t have sufficient funds to allow us to join the scheme we will still survey the paths and report the result to NCC, but it may take longer to get the necessary work done.

Elaine Gathercole

Open Gardens in Halam 2005

Open Gardens was started some twelve years ago initially as a privately-inspired venture, and it became very successful, raising over £1000 for Parish Council and church. Last year it did not take place, and this year I shall be organising the Open Gardens event.

I would like to hear from residents of Halam who are willing to open their gardens this year at the end of June or early in July.  One of the gardens that would be open is the churchyard. Two years ago I began a planting plan and maintenance programme, and I hope that the churchyard will be open under the National Open Garden Scheme (Yellow book) from 2006. Any profit from the "open day" will be used to continue this planting programme and to help with the ongoing maintenance costs at the church. I am sure that villagers are pleased to see the churchyard no longer a mass of nettles and couch grass, and gradually becoming a haven of tranquillity with widespread colour. The churchyard is in a prominent part of the village and I feel sure that open gardens in Halam would be well supported by the village as a whole.   

Although two gardens in the village are open several times a year under the National Open Garden scheme I feel this does not detract from Halam Open Gardens day. The events attract two separate classes of visitors: The national garden scheme attracts people from all over the East Midlands; Halam Open Gardens attracts local people from Southwell and adjoining villages.

Please contact me if you would like to open your garden for this event and so help the Churchyard.

David Herbert (Tel: 812335)

St Michael the Archangel: April Services

Sunday 3rd April: 2nd Sunday of Easter
8am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion
Sunday 10th April: 3rd Sunday of Easter 11.00am Sung Eucharist
Sunday 17th April: 4th Sunday of Easter
9.30am Family Communion
Sunday 24th April: 5th Sunday of Easter

11.00am Sung Eucharist

For information contact Church wardens: Bev Perks (812181) David Herbert (812335)
Preist-in-charge: Rt. Rev. David Leening (812593)

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

 St Michael’s annual meeting will take place on Monday 8 April at 7.00pm in Halam Village Hall. Church Wardens and Parochial Church Council members will be elected. Election notices are posted on the church notice board in the porch. Everyone is most welcome to attend

Halam Bible Study/Discussion Group

It is intended to hold monthly meetings of the Bible Study/Discussion Group for the rest of the year. The name has been changed from ‘Prayer Group’ to reflect the format which has evolved. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 19th April at the Scypen, Radley Road at 7.30pm. Revd Russell Perry has kindly agreed to lead the meetings.

The group will continue to evolve to meet the needs of those wishing to attend. If you were one of those who expressed an interest in such meetings in the questionnaire circulated in preparation for the village plan, please come to give your views. If you are unable to come but would prefer to have meetings of a different kind or at different times please contact Tony Andrews (Tel: 815584).  

Tony Andrew

Emergency First Aid Course

The Parish Plan questionnaire showed that a number of people in Halam would like some adult education classes in the village, and an emergency first aid course is one in which several  have recently expressed interest. I have investigated this and am pleased to tell you that it is possible to run a one day course in the village, at the cost of approximately £21 per person. If you are interested in taking part, could you contact me by phone (81636)or email ( parrish@bluebellcott.fsnet.co.uk ), so that I can make the necessary arrangements?

Di Parrish

Halam Primary School

It has been a very hectic month at Halam School. The whole school has enjoyed World Book Day by wearing different hats from their favourite books! Upper Primary children involved in the K’Nex Junior Engineer of Britain Challenge. The winning space buggy design was by Amy Denby and Matthew Todd. Middle Primary was visited by Dr Heena Patel, who talked about India and brought along costumes for Emma Anderson and George Alvey to wear. Lower Primary 2 have been talking about Africa. Lower Primary 1 and all the other classes have been getting ready for Easter making chicks, baskets and cards. Everyone sang at the Easter Church Service and all the children decorated eggs.

The School Choir performed at the Rotary’s ‘Primary Young Musician Of the Year’ grand final concert.

The school football team played a match against Kirklington and won 4-0. We now have two weeks holiday and then back to school for the summer term on the 4 th April.

Alice Fraser (Junior Reporter)

Halam & District Women’s Institute

The March meeting was excellent with slides and interesting information about historical Newark, its street patterns, buildings and past life. The W.I. next meets on Tuesday 5 April in Halam Village Hall at 7.30pm. The speaker will be giving a talk about ‘ Jerusalem in the 1960’s’. The competition is ‘A Biblical Item’. Visitors and new members will be made most welcome

And a final comment from Pooch ……  

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