April 2004

Parish Council Election

Please note that there is a vacancy for a Parish Councillor. Please see the notice boards for details. If more than one individual puts their name forward for election by April 2nd an election will take place on Thursday, April 29th.

Children's Storeytelling

There will be a children's storeytelling as part of the Village Ventures Scheme in the Village Hall on Sunday 25th April at 3pm. It is the storey of Taffy's Talecoat and is suitable for children aged between 4 and 11. Tickets are 2.50 for children and 5 for adults from Janet Strathern (816746)

Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm, Thursday, 8th January 2004

Present: G Herbert, S. Bust, N Armstrong, A. Fraser, A. Paris, I Sharman.

Resignation of Councillor:

A notice advising of the vacancy and asking if parishioners wanted an election had been posted on the notice board. The Parish Council stated their wish for an election if more that one candidate stands for the vacancy.

Notice Boards:

Concerns were expressed that important parish information was not being effectively communicated in the village. Please note that the notice board by the bus shelter is the official parish council notice board for council postings and information.

Opening the Meeting:

It was agreed to keep the open part of the meeting following 'matters arising', but the Chairman will have the discretion to open future meetings at other times if it is felt appropriate.


Village Hall Funding and Resiting:

Andrew Fraser reported that there could be money available from the WREN landfill fund up to a maximum of 50,000 and covering up to 100% of the project. Glenys Herbert and Andrew Fraser will formulate a couple of questions for the supplementary Parish Plan questionnaire to see if it is the wish of the village to take this matter further. Three letters had been received objecting to the proposal.


Parish Plan:

The Parish Council reiterated its full support for the Parish Plan Committee in the circulation of the supplementary questionnaire. The Chairman will analyse the Parish Plan volunteer sheets and bring the results to the next meeting. A letter from Karin Davis was read expressing her disapproval of the controversy surrounding the Parish Plan questionnaire and questioning the need for the supplementary questionnaire.


Open Gardens:

Peter Thompson is to advise and set a possible date.

Cultersforth Lane:

The County Council are looking at better footpath schemes which may improve matters. Councillor Andy Stewart reported that there is legislation before Parliament currently to protect green lanes.


The allotments have been tidied up by the Countryside Volunteers; the rubbish now needs removing - Nora Armstrong to arrange.

Village Tidying:

The telephone box and the area around the seat have been cleaned and tidied up - thanks to Bill Milner and Bill Kemp. month's Newsletter - please note the earlier deadline.


District Council reported that the application for tennis courts at Littledale had been rejected. The rejection of the application for a retirement cottage on Gray Lane is to be taken to Appeal.

Local Development Framework: It was agreed that the Parish Council's response to the District Council's consultation document would be made publicly available, by request, from the Parish Council Clerk.

Encroachment of Building on Back Lane: Claire Pendle (N & S Planning Officer) has measured the site and has stated that there is no contravention. The fence which also may have been a problem has now been moved.


It was agreed to pay the following; the Village Hall cleaners; bus shelter cleaners; Clerk's wages and the fire safety check for the Village Hall.

The Internal Auditor's report was discussed. The issues raised are to be addressed prior to the next check.

Next Meeting: The Annual Parish Meeting (which is open to the public) will be held on Thursday 1st April at 7.00pm, followed by the ordinary Parish Council at 7.30pm. The Annual Parish Council Meeting (at which the officers are elected) will be held on Thursday 13th May at 7.30pm.

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St. Michael the Archangel

Services this month -

Sunday 4th April : Palm Sunday

8am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion
Thursday 8th April : Maundy Thursday

7pm Holy Communion (Agape)

Friday 9th April : Good Friday

10am MP

Sunday 11th April : Easter Day

8am Holy Communion
11am Sung Eucharist

Sunday 18th April : Easter 2

9.30 Holy Communion
Sunday 25th April : Easter 3

10.30am Cluster Service Minster

Sunday 2nd May : Easter 4

8am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion

If you have any enquiries regarding services or church matters please contact the churchwardens, Bev Perks (812181) or David Herbert (812335)


If you have any items or information you would like publishing in the next newsletter, please get the details to Edward Gathercole (813760) by the 26th.

Please remember to let Ed know if new people move into the village or if you know of any births or marriages in the village.

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