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Halam has now a fully organised Neighbourhood Watch Scheme covering the whole of the parish.

If you require any further information. please contact the coordinators - David Stubbs (816508) or Andrew Paris (815944)

We are part of the Bassetlaw/Newark & Sherwood Group - for further information visit their website:-



Halam's Beat Officer:-

PC 768 Lyndsay Whyke

Beat officers should not be contacted for emergencies (when you should ring 999) or to report crime (when you should contact your local police station). PC Whyke's contact details are:-

email address: southwell@Nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

telephone: 07910 336893

Recent Neighbourhood Watch Alerts:-

Date: Thursday 02 Nov 2006

Overnight on 31st October a vehicle parked outside a property on Radley Road, Halam (near the old village shop) was attacked and drivers door glass was smashed and a satelite-navigation system was stolen

Date: Thursday 28 Sept 2006

At a farm in Farnsfield on 27th September between 9.30am and 10.30am  
someone entered garden of property and stole a 3 foot antique stone garden trough.

Date: Mon 17 Jul 2006

Just to make you all aware, a distraction burglary occurred in Norwell on 13th July at about 2.30pm when persons claiming to be from the waterboard entered property searched house and stole the resident's wallet.

Also on 13th July between 11.30am and noon two offenders again claiming to be from waterboard distracted resident at a property on Snell close Sutton on Trent and stole cash from bedroom.

Please do not let anyone into your house that you are not expecting, please do not be harassed into lettting them in, Please ring the Police immediately if you are not expecting anyone and do not open the door.

Date: Monday 17 Jul 2006

On 14th July at about 8pm a tractor parked on Radley Road Halam was attacked when unknown person smashed 2 windows to tractor cab.

Also just to make you aware two burglaries occurred in Southwell on 15th July between 1am and 6pm, at one house flat-screen TV and handbag stolen, at the other a mobile phone, at one entry was gained through an open conservatory window.

Date: Friday 07 Jul 2006

On 6th July between 8.30am and 6pm a lodge on Hexgreave Park, near Farnsfield was burglared rear window forced and jewellery was stolen.

Date: Thursday 06 Jul 2006

A silver Toyota Avensis registration number GR 55 SVO has been seen in suspicious circumstances in the Farnsfield area and Southwell area today. If you have any sightings of this vehicle please ring the police quoting incident number 606739

Date: Thursday 06 Jul 2006

On 4th July between 2.30pm and 3.30pm at a property on Fletcher Court, Farnsfield offenders entered property via forcing rear door and removed a 42 inch flat screen TV.

Date: Friday 16 Jun 2006

Three burglaries occurred on 15th June between 11am and 6pm, and its is belived there are possibly by the same offenders.

At about 3pm at a property on Southwell Road, Kirklington a house was entered via unlocked door whilst resident in garden and a handbag was stolen.

At another property on Lower Kirklington Road a burglary occurred entry via patio door and a Plasma screen was stolen.

Also at a property on Ridgeway, Southwell offenders entered through forced transom window and rooms searched and camera, recordable DVD, and jewellery stolen.

Date: Thursday 15 Jun 2006

Just to make you aware overnight on 13th June several vehicles were broken into in nearby Farnsfield; items stolen ranged from bags, wallet Cd players Cds and tools. Please remember not to leave anything valueable on show inside your vehicles.

Date: Tuesday 13 Jun 2006

The police are warning people about a male who is wanted for distraction burglaries in surrounding areas, targetting elderly residents - he shows them a stolen cheque book and asking if it is theirs, he then gains their confidence enters the house and steals cash.

The male has access to a silver Nissan Almera reg. no.CX 04 XGE and a silver Smart car reg. no. KR 02 EBX.

If you have any sightings of these two vehicles, please ring the Police.

Please remember not to answer the door to anyone you are not expecting. But if anyone visits you using this type of conversation don't let them and ring the Police immediately.

Date: Tuesday 02 May 2006

Overnight on 30th April two vehicles were attacked in Farnsfield. A vehicle left parked in public house car park on Main Street was entered after being left insecure a holdall containing clothing and cash was stolen.

Also another vehicle parked outside a property on Main Street was entered after window was forced on a Vauxhall Zafira and a Tom-tom sat. nav. base unit was stolen.

Date: Tuesday 02 May 2006

A distraction burglary has occurred today 2nd May between 12.45 and 1.15pm on nearby Station Road, Edingley.

Three males entered house, claiming that they had been some water contamination. One male entered followed by another two, cash has been stolen. Only description so far one male was about 5 foot 9 inches wearing blue top and blue cap.

Please be advised not to let anyone into your property that you are not expecting. Anyone acting supiciously purporting to be from waterboard, please ring the Police immediately

Date: Tuesday 21 Mar 2006

Please be on the look out for a red Vauxhall Vectra 5 door saloon registration number P153 ORJ, this vehicle has been used in burglaries in another Police force.

If you see this vehicle please ring the Police immediately with the location of the sighting.

Date: Wednesday 15 Mar 2006

On 15th February at about 3.30am a garage to a cottage on St Michael's Close, Halam was entered by offender. He stole a silver mountain bike - the police did make an arrest at the time of the incident.

Date: Friday 27 Jan 2006

At about 7.45pm on 19th January two white males well dressed aged between 19 and 20 called at a property in Bilsthorpe., claiming to be representatives of the Canine Defence League. They were said to be trying to obtain bank details of occupant and their manner was described as pushy. No details were given.

 The organisation was contacted but stated they no longer operated under that name. So please be aware if you have any callers.

Date: Friday 27 Jan 2006

Police are warning members of the public of a bogus police officer operating in the county.

This morning polce have received two reports of a suspicious incidents in which a man claiming to be a Nottinghamshire police Officer has approached residents on Tithby Court and Osmanton Walk in Mansfield. In both incidents he has asked to see the residents money to check its serial numbers. In the Tithby Court incident he left with a quanity of cash.

This man is not a Police officer. If approached by this man do not let him into home and call 999 immediately. He is wearing a dark blue suit and its believed to be using an imitation police warrant card.

Police believe he may attempt to commit crime in other parts of the county and are asking the public to be alert and vigilant..

Date: Thursday 26 Jan 2006

Observations please for the follwing vehicle a blue Rover 214, vrm P203 MOH

Police believe the following vehicle could be involved in the recent church burglaries that have occurred over the last few days.

If you see this vehicle , please ring the Police immediately.

Date: Tuesday 24 Jan 2006

A church on Main Street Farnsfield was the latest to be attacked, the door of church had been forced and entry gained.

Also a church at Halloughton was found insecure not yet known if it had been attacked.

Date: Monday 23 Jan 2006

Over the weekend period several Churches in the north east of Nottinghamshire at Normanton on Trent, Collingham, Coddington,Caunton Southwell, Treswell, North Leverton Tuxford have been broken into.

It appears that the offenders are just after cash that has probably been donated through church collections.

We would advise all parishes not to leave any cash on the premises. We would suggest that if you have a notice board outside the church, or that you put notices near to doors, where access is being gained stating the fact, "That Cash is not kept in the Church".

Whilst we appreciate this crime is very upsetting for the congregation, we are working very closely with another Police force, to apprehend these offenders. Police believe these offences are part of a wider spate that has occurred in a neighbouring county.

If any one has any information please ring the Police or this office.

Date: Wednesday 04 January 2006

Police are trying to locate a quanity of medication that may have been thrown away following a theft at Farnsfield. Between 2.30pm and 7.30pm on Tuesday 3rd January a car was broken into on Station Lane Farnsfield.

Two briefcases were stolen in the incident but were later recovered in a field. A small supply of medication still remains missing. The medication could be harmful if taken by somebody who has not been prescribed it.

Any member of the public who has found any discarded medication or has any further information is asked to contact the police on 01909 500999, quoting incident number 366021.

Date: Sunday 18 December 2005

At around 5.30am on Saturday morning, David Stubbs disturbed a man trying to break into Old Oak (Ida Glazebrooke's old house) on Radley Road.

 The man ran off and drove away in a white Ford Escort car with an "H" registration which had been left parked outside on the road.

The police have been informed and are tracing the car's owner.

 Empty properties are very vulnerable - please keep an eye on your neighbours' houses and call the police if you see anything suspicious.

Note the details and registration number of any strange cars seen parked in the village.

Date: Friday, 28 Oct 2005

Yesterday 27th October at about 5pm, an elderly resident disturbed two males who had broken into her property on Station Lane Farnsfield, the males stated that they were Police officers, and then made off. Not sure if anything stolen.

Obviously if any Police Officers come to your door, they would produce Id, if you are still uncertain, or you cannot see their Id, don't open the door, ask them their name and collar number, they will not mind waiting whilst you ring the local Police and check their idenity.

Date: Thursday, 13 Oct 2005

Observations for the following vehicle please a white vauxhall Astra vrm K677 HUM, which is believed being used in crime in our area. Any sightings please ring the POLICE. Many thanks for your support.

Date: Friday, 7 Oct 2005

Overnight on 27th September a vehicle left parked outside property on Radley Road Halam, whilst resident on holiday was attacked and a front number plate was stolen from a Ford Fiesta vrm P27GRC.

Date: Wednesday, 5 Oct 2005

Message from Trevor Timson Crime Reduction Manager for Newark and Sherwood. Please be advised the latest items criminals are targetting in vehicles are satelitte navigation systems. If you have a system in your vehicle, and it is portable, you are advised to remove the system when you leave the vehicle unattended, several have been stolen in our area.

Date: Thursday, 29 Sep 2005

Overnight on 28th September equipment which included a wacker plate and stihl saw were stolen from a site cabin at a school on Turnpike Halam.

Date: Friday, 16 Sep 2005

We have been advised that we have three travelling criminals from Gainsborough committing car crime in our division, the three white males are said to be using a red vauxhall Corsa vrm L272NAC, if you have any sightings of this vehicle in your area please ring the police. Many thanks for your support.

Date: Tuesday, 13 Sep 2005

Trading standards have informed us of persons in the area claiming to be doing a survey on damp-proofing for Trading standards and asking for money to carry out recommended damp-proofing. Trading standards have asked us to point out that they are NOT involved in this survey.

Date: Wednesday, 07 September 2005

A group of Polish Students have been reported in the Newark & Sherwood 
area, door knocking.They produce either a polish driving licence or a 
card stating that they cannot speak English, they are also claiming to 
have lost a relative back in their homeland.They then try to sell you a 
sketch for about £10 or ask for a donation. Please do not entertain 
these persons, or let them into your house. Police believe they are part 
of an organised criminal network. If they do appear in your area please 
ring the Police.

Date: Thursday, 28 July 2005

We have had three persons in our area offering landscaping services, these persons are charging very high rates. The persons involved are three males described with Irish accents, one male early twenties, one male in his fifties, and one in his thirties.They are using a Silver Ford Transit flatback. vrm DY54TZW. Please be aware.

Date: Tuesday, 26 July 2005

Overnight on 25th July two vehicles left parked outside properties on Radley Terrace Halam were broken into. Both vehicles had windows smashed, and small items taken. One resident heard a vehicle at about 4am.

Date: Monday, 25 July 2005

Between 1am and 8am at a property on Main Street Eakring offenders have forced locked window frame, gained entry to kitchen, then used key to enter garage. Car and caravan stolen from driveway with keys. BMW 5 series - R545VJB, and a caravan with part vrm. VKO.

Date: Thursday 9 June 2005

Between midnight and 7.30am on the 9th June a vehicle was entered on School Lane in Halam and property was stolen...

The car was parked on the drive way of the house...

A briefcase was stolen and they had a good go at removing the radio.

Please remember to remove all valuables from your car when it is unattended, or at least put them out of sight. If you have a radio with a removable front, then take it in the house with you - don't leave it in the glove compartment: that's the first place a potential thief will look....

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